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Angel Dweh Is Back Again With Hot New Single “Flexin”

Liberian born multitalented singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor Angel Dweh discovered his talent for music at a young age in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Our dedicated, budding artist Angel Dweh never stops grinding; he has already released four singles in 2020 alone! While taking advantage of staying home this year, his newest release “Flexin” brings his fans more of his unique hip hop perspective.

“Flexin” kicks off with its futuristic electronic melody as Ange Dweh begins to ad-lib and introduce his higher-pitched vocals with a grating cadence. To follow the introduction, a trap beat joins the repetitive melody and he starts to rap the first verse. Angel Dweh refrains from rapping at full volume and intensity which emulates his laid back attitude. With its electronic yet low key R&B and hip hop nature, Angel Dweh has no regard for the boundaries of specific genres with “Flexin.” Having spent his entire life with a passion for music, he has taken his experience of various genres and blended them into his own version of rap music. Lyrically, Angel Dweh gives off a message of self-confidence and power as he sings about “flexing” his wealth. Anyone who enjoys the message of traditional hip hop songs will find “Flexin” to be easy to relate to. With “Flexin,” Angel Dweh remains consistent to his multi-genre music style by mixing electronic and chill vibes into a hip hop rap song. Be sure to listen to "Flexin" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Angel Dweh! It’s great to have you back here with fresh new music for us! “Flexing” is a catchy and low key song that holds true to your musical style. As an artist you have the opportunity to reach many ears with your voice. Are there any important messages you try to share with your audiences through your music? Thank you for having me again! The messages in this song "Flexin" is about seeing yourself as wealthy, and also not showing any sign of care to what others may think of you, but them having self-love about the thing you have. 

Not only are you an up and coming rapper constantly spewing out new releases, you are also an actor and dancer. How does having a diverse set of artistic talents help shape your style as a musician? As a young R&B-pop artist, having a diverse set of artistic talents helps shape my style and sound in so many ways and it gives me exposure to a new audience that loves rap music. So writing a Hip-hop rap song like this one "Flexin" and doing a song like this gives my fans something they haven't seen before. And with this song my fans can get an idea of what will be on my EP when its release later this summer, will R&B - pop music be on the EP yes it will. 

You have told us that some of your artistic influences come from artists like Usher, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown. Can you elaborate on how they influence your music style? Chirs Brown, Usher, and Trey Songz,  they have influenced my music style with their sound and also their verses in their songs. Looking at Chirs Brown, he's not just a singer, dancer but also a rapper. And listen to these three artists, and creating something that my own sound, helps me as an artist to develop and grow my audiences. 

Having been born in Monrovia, Liberia, and raised in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, you must have grown up appreciating both cultures. How does this cultural diversity and exposure benefit you as an artist? Do you incorporate aspects of both cultures into your music?

The cultural diversity benefit and exposure me as an artist because it helps me to create music that Liberian will relate too and understand, therefore in some of my songs if you listen carefully you will hear Liberian accent in my lyrics. I love to incorporate both cultures into my music because it's unique and it brings out my sound and style. 


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