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Angel Dweh Wants You To “Dance”

The talented, multi-faceted Liberian artist dazzles on his groovy new release.

Angel Dweh is a Liberian artist who has quickly carved out a niche for themselves with exciting and standout releases like “Tonight” and “Hard For Me.”

Dweh is an incredibly multi-faceted talent and has established himself not only as a musician but as a songwriter, composer, dancer, and actor. Born in Liberia to Liberian parents, Dweh would later immigrate to the United States, but evidence of his rich heritage is evident in every artistic pursuit he graces.

Gracefully walking the line between pop, Afropop/Afrobeats, and R&B, Dweh’s curated sound has captured the imaginations of listeners everywhere with his vivid soundscapes and ability to inspire movement and dance. Dweh’s talent has definitely not gone unnoticed, even amongst his peers in a normally aloof industry.

Having racked up nominations at the CIMVAwards for Best Video and the CPMA’s in the “Best World Music” category, he would ultimately take home the Board Award 2022 for Soldier of the Year. With a slew of new releases on the horizon, Dweh’s star continues to shine brighter and brighter.

“Dance,” Dweh’s latest release, is a testament to the significant artistic ability of the man who’s been dubbed the “Afro Prince.” Also featuring talented artist Kizzy W, “Dance” is proof that Dweh continues to function at the peak of his significant abilities.

Over vibrant, bouncy instrumentals infused with the essence of afrobeats, Dweh drops lyrics like “Dance like you really want to, show off everything you got,” enticing you towards the dancefloor. Ultimately, “Dance’s” effervescent sound not only reflects his personality but also pays homage to his roots in Liberia, resulting in a release that is both easy to listen to and dance to.

Angel Dweh’s “Dance” is a vibey, bouncy, and rhythmic release that’ll uplift your day and have you heading to the dance floor in no time.

Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Angel Dweh’s invigorating “Dance,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

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