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Angela Mona Ponders Love Once The "Deadible," Kicks in

From Arizona to California, the Armenian-American singer-songwriter and r&b artist Angela Mona falls into the trap of a bittersweet "Deadible" through her latest bluesy single.

After experiencing a troubled youth with health issues, peer pressure, and financial struggle, Angela Mona's unstoppable and eager sense of drive proved that her strength remains persistent. Instead of craving to be in the inner circle, Mona finds beauty in embracing her outcast image and never attempts to alter it.

Recently releasing her cathartic and heavy-hearted single, "Deadible," we hear Angela Mona open up about troubled love while pondering the situation after scarfing down a heavy edible. The song is a soulful, organic, and textured ballad that takes us through the trials and tribulations of confusing love, which may seem all the more blurred when sinking into a potent treat.

Expanding on the new single, "Deadible," the song softly opens with a haunting piano melody and melancholy background strings alongside Angela Mona's clear and crisp vocal stylings. While Mona continues to drift through our speakers like a spirit locked in the depths of despair, she grabs our attention with her groans and melisma that sing of pain, confusion, and feeling trapped in a high.

This song evokes these surreal images of a woman spinning around her Victorian-era mansion in a long white nightgown, something ghostly and deeply emotional. We wish the song were longer than it is; that said, Angela Mona gets straight to the point and delivers her message of sorrow and introspection in the most soulful and gripping way. I guess we'll just have to hit repeat.

Take a hit and sink into the emotion and passion of Angela Mona's latest single, "Deadible," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're head over heels for the emotion and soul in your latest single, "Deadible." Could you describe the moment you felt inspired to begin creating this piece?

I appreciate yall for discovering and listening! This one is by far the most personal I've released as a "pause" to my story. As a teen, there were times where people constantly insisted that I should smoke weed or try edibles, even in middle school, pretty ridiculous. So as someone who never smokes or takes drugs in general, consuming edibles by accident was a nightmare. I had my first accident when I was 15, after I ate an entire edible chocolate bar, not knowing it contained THC. I couldn't believe what was happening to me that time, and thankfully I didn't end up in the hospital. What was worse was it was on Mother's day.

Fast forward to just last year, being 21 and angry about some things. I craved chocolate chip cookies. I just craved sweets, anything chocolate to chill. My mother occasionally bakes homemade edibles for herself and other people we know in LA. I had no idea that this time, the cookies she baked had cannabis in them. After meditating, taking a nice shower, and feeling all better, I smell the cookies in the kitchen, there were so many laid out, not just the chocolate chip ones.

My mom didn't warn me that they're edibles, and you could barely taste or smell any weed. I proceeded to eat 4-5 of them. I was also unaware of the 'munchies' kicking in before the symptoms worsened, which was crazy. I'm distressed and worried about what's to happen; everything slows down, my entire body is numb, I feel paranoid, intense mood swings, it was an extreme, hell-like experience. As if someone took over my mind- possessed. I hate that feeling. This all carried on for a few days and during the Father's day weekend.

Seeing that you were lifted on a "Deadible" when writing your latest single, did your words and thoughts come easier to you? Or was it more of a challenge to express those raw emotions?

After a while, and several short naps later, I sat in front of my piano and kept playing with my eyes closed. I was so out of it, but the music was coping. I was aware of everything happening. I couldn't watch movies, draw or play video games. My hands were playing by themselves. Then slowly the melody came in, the words, everything. "I've been so high, and I'm out of sight" was the first thing I said, and after finding the chords- it clicked.

I went on FL studio, plugged in everything then sang and played live. Every lyric you hear just came to mind, nothing is written down. I never wish what I went through upon anyone. I could've fallen in a trance but luckily did not.

When I came back to normal (a few weeks later), I showed the song to my friend and producer, Raul, and he loved it. He really wanted to somehow be a part of it, so he added the strings and mixed everything.

Why did you choose to leave "Deadible" at a relatively short length? Did you feel the song served what it needed to within that one minute and thirty-five seconds?

I feel it was necessary to be short, it was a short-lived, heavy experience after all. The shorter, the more simplistic, plus it was unplanned. From what and how I felt, the music just carried itself. The song is a raw telling of what it feels like to be under the influence, and not in a way that the majority expect. You know, you're supposed to feel "good" and super relaxed or whatever from these kinds of things, right? It wasn't like that at all.

Should we expect to hear "Deadible" on a forthcoming project of yours?

"Deadible" will be the first intermission of my project "iam. Sincerely, Nobody."

It's a written story, music series, and rollout I created to understand myself more and heal along the way.

The intermission is like a sudden pause for the characters of my story. Imagine being distracted from so much smoke, bad influence. Falling into some kind of trap and you want to get out fast- that's Deadible. There will be more soon with short films and visualizers, this is just the start.

What can listeners expect next from you?

I don't like to give away too much that hasn't happened yet, but for sure the series will continue with new music, and every song will be a new chapter with a set of different acts to carry on the plot of 'Angela' and her 3 personas.


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