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Ann Smith Gives Us Power In New Single "Hold On"

Ann Smith is a 29 year old singer and songwriter who was born in the Ukraine and moved to Israel at the age of 27. She creates her music with her husband who is a great producer and musician. She now resides in China where she is diligently working on her next music video. Smith is inspired by pop and R&B, but her aim is to create music of any style depending on her current mood and feelings. Her new single, “Hold On” is about perseverance; fighting for your dreams no matter who you are, how old you are or where you come from. The themes are hope and love, and above all, and inspiration to anyone to never give up.

BuzzMusic is proud to present a brand new single by Ann Smith called “Hold On”. Immediately the song grabs your attention with its airy quality, catchy beat and soothing vocals. An interesting blending of genres, there are beats, synths and electric guitars, and above all, a captivating voice. The chorus is memorable and hook-laden, and the verses successfully build momentum towards each return of the chorus. The middle of the song is nicely broken up with a soulful bridge, where the beat subsides and the entry of the piano provides a stark contrast from the instruments used previously. Smith clearly understands her craft, as she’s cultivated a great pop song that we definitely recommend!

Give a listen to Ann Smith's "Hold On" on Spotify, and don't miss out on this artists exclusive interview below!


Hi Ann! Thanks for chatting with us. Would you mind describing your background and how you first got involved with music and songwriting?

Hi! Thanks for inviting! My parents met and fall in love when they were taking part in some musical event for students, they both played and sang in the band. So, I would say that I was made with the power of music and love. Music was always a big part of our lives. But for my parents music was more like a hobby, and I’m trying to find another way. I have started songwriting about 5 years ago and found it really exciting. I try to improve my skills and make my music and lyrics more and more interesting and powerful. 

You work a lot with your husband. What is the dynamic like between you two? Do you ever find it tricky to balance work and married life, or has it always come naturally?

Yes, my husband is my partner, my co-writer, my best friend and the only person I can be with 24/7. Sure, sometimes our emotions break the balance but we always try to use them as a push to create a new music. We are so different, and sometimes it’s hard to understand each other, cuz I like to concentrate more, to spend more time thinking about new idea and he likes to do everything quickly. 

Who would you say are your greatest musical influences?

I like different music styles, but mostly I am inspired by pop, blues and r&b music. As a vocalist I was influenced by Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera. 

You have a new single out called “Hold On”. Is there a message behind the music in this case?

'Hold on' is a song about fighting for your dreams, no matter who your are or how old you are. It's about hope and love. This song is a way to inspire people like me not to give up. Time is flying and the planet is spinning, and we can't stop this. Our hearts are beating and we just keep on moving from one point to another even if it's hard. We can't let our problems tear us apart and take our dreams away.

What can we hope to see from Ann Smith in the future?

I’m working on some different projects right now. I want to create music depending on my feelings and current mood, so it’s hard to predict what’s next. It’s always some kind of battle inside of me. One part is dark and melancholic and another one always wants to have fun and do crazy things. I’m so happy that I can express myself in music. It helps both parts of my soul to feel appreciated and loved.


Stay connected with Ann Smith via the artists Instagram!


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