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Anna Duboc Releases “One Touch” Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Taking the indie music scene by storm is singer-songwriter and recording artist Anna Duboc with her long-awaited single, just in time for Valentine's week, titled "One Touch."

Anna Duboc is nothing short of a threat in today's indie space. Not only has she generated over 45 million streams across all streaming platforms, but she's proved her collaborative capabilities by pairing up with sought-after producers like Juan Ariza (Harry Styles), as is the case for her latest hit, "One Touch."

Having performed alongside stars like Katy Perry, Kenny Loggins, and Andrea Bocelli, Anna Duboc is ready to make waves of her own, and her recent single calls for a tsunami. It's an incredibly catchy, playful, and cathartic song that impressively was written at 14 years old. But having grown past a teen's vulnerability, she's ready to release it.

"One Touch" starts with stunning acoustic guitar picking alongside Anna Duboc's warm and tender vocals, expressing how the little things make all the difference. As the instrumentals and production gradually expand with a sweet pop undertone, Duboc leads us to the catchy hook while her soft vocal harmonies high-five the soul. It's an incredibly dynamic song that keeps you on your toes with each beat. 

What's interesting are Anna Duboc's vocal similarities, particularly her falsetto, to pop icons like Billie Eilish. It's a soothing, irresistible, alluring vibe catapulting her career to stardom. If one thing's for sure, Duboc knows exactly what resonates with her audience: a dynamic, feel-good, relatable song that appreciates the simple things in life.

When you're after pop that speaks to the soul, check out Anna Duboc's impressive discography and never look back. Find "One Touch" on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen here.

We're thrilled to discuss your mega-catchy single, "One Touch." Did you really write your lyrics at the age of 14? Are there any differences between the original version and the one you've released now?

Yes, I did write both the lyrics and melody when I was 14, and there haven't been any other versions since the original, so yes, it is the original version. I just never released it. I was too close to the song's emotions and put it aside for a while. 

What inspired you to write "One Touch"? Can you remember the age of 14 and recall what pushed you to create it?

It was about realizing you like someone in a different way. Still, you constantly question whether it's a good idea to risk the friendship and try for something more. More than friends, let's say. In this case, it was someone who was not a good choice.

What was your experience co-producing "One Touch" with producer Juan Ariza? How did he help bring the song to life? 

This is the second song I wrote with Ariza and the second time I collaborated with anyone. I was used to writing songs myself. He was very encouraging and easy to work with. We started it at his studio, and we were supposed to finish the song together in his studio. Still, for several reasons, we were not able to. So, we did a Zoom session to finish it, and I sang the vocals in my home studio and finished it there.

Why did you feel Valentine's week was the perfect time to finally release "One Touch?" Does it set the playful mood?

In a way, it's a romantic song about the first time you start to crush on someone. So, it is a perfect song for Valentine's Day. Now that I no longer have the same feelings for the person I wrote it about, I can release it and hope others can relate and enjoy the mood of it.

What's next for you, Anna? 

I perform at Genghis Cohen on Feb 3rd in Los Angeles and will perform as Velma in "Chicago" in April with the Adderley Conservatory. I plan to do more live shows as well. I love performing, but I am also a junior in High school and taking 4 AP courses, so I am swamped. I will continue to release a few more "unreleased" songs from my earlier days and new ones. I will collaborate with new people this summer and look forward to what may come.


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