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Anna Rose Strikes Us With New Single “Sucker Puncher”

Anna Rose is an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist who’s been working in the music industry for over a decade now. Anna puts her passion for music into everything she creates. Defined by Paper Magazine as “Bluesy Rock N Roll”, Anna Rose is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

Anna Rose released her single titled “Sucker Puncher” and this badass record places you in an electric mood! The epic introduction sets the tone for the song, with an exhilarating energy. Anna Rose begins singing in a soft-like texture with a chilling falsetto before she begins to transform her dynamics into a more powerful belt. The sass and attitude in “Sucker Puncher” represented the bluesy rock n roll she’s been categorized as. Anna Rose is pure fire. Her incandescent approach to “Sucker Puncher” was trail-blazing.

This scorching hot record will snatch you into the realm of rock n roll and detailed vocals while leaving you wanting more. Anna Rose has this special attractive energy to her music that you just can’t help but love. Rather you’re a fan of rock n roll or not, you’re bound to become infatuated with the genre, simply by the way she presents it. “Sucker Puncher” was like an electric gatorade fulfilling your mood, having you head-banging and on cloud nine. The sensations “Sucker Puncher” gives is an unforgettable experience, thanks to the sensational artist of Anna Rose. Big things come in small packages and Anna Rose is the proof of the pudding. “Sucker Puncher” will translate well across various of different genre lovers including, rock n roll, country, and even blues! She’s exhibiting the style of multi-dimensional, and we’re excited to see what else she has under her sleeve! Overall, what an excellent song and we can't wait to hear what's next.

Listen to "Sucker Puncher" here and get to know Anna Rose in our exclusive interview below!

Hey Anna Rose! Can you briefly introduce yourself to our listeners? 

Hey! My name is Anna Rose. I’m a songwriter, singer & guitar player based out of Brooklyn, NY. 

You’re such a diversified artist wow! Please tell us more about your experience writing in Nashville! 

Thank you, my friend! Nashville has become a place that’s very dear to my heart, I write a lot of music down there & recorded my upcoming album in town with an incredible producer named Paul Moak. What I love about Nashville is the dedication to the craft of songwriting. The song truly comes before anything else here, and having so many amazing writers in the same place is inspiring. 

Where did the inspiration stem from while curating “Sucker Puncher”?

I wrote Sucker Puncher with Justin Glasco at his home in east Nashville. I remember we were having a highly caffeinated conversation about the music business; the hustle, the all-nighters in the studio, the questionable motels off the highway after a show...the unrelenting drive & love of creating music that it takes to continue doing this as an independent artist. It was from that conversation that Sucker Puncher was born. It’s an anthem for those of us who don’t know the word “quit”. 

An artist with a cause—we love it! Are you able to tell us a little bit more about your service work with MILE? 

Absolutely! I’m very proud to be a tiny part of the work that MILE does, both within the United States and across the world, particularly in Guatemala where we have done several trips into the areas surrounding Lake Atitlán. This past winter we were able to help provide filtration systems that will yield 25 million gallons of clean drinking water for one of the communities we have the honor of serving. This kind of service work, along with spreading joy through music, is deeply important in my life.

Please tell us you have upcoming music coming out! What’s the future looking like for Anna Rose? 

You’re in luck - there’s lots of new music coming out & plenty of opportunities to come see me play live! I’ve released the first two singles from my upcoming album thus far, Nobody Knows I’m Here and Sucker Puncher, and I’ll be releasing the next single, The Chariot, on June 7. I’m also very happy to announce that I’ll be playing CMA Fest on June 6th in Nashville, as well as a few shows in the northeast with Will Varley that month. Beyond that, we’re currently booking lots of summer shows, then in September you can find me at Ocean State Of Mind (RI, with Pat McGee), Little C Music Festival (OH with Hey Monea) and Pilgrimage (TN with Foo Fighters, The Killers and many more). You can check out Bandsintown or Songkick for more info on those, as well as dates further into the future that we’ll be releasing shortly. 


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