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Annais Williams Wants You To Become “Somethin” More

Sometimes, deciding to see a romance through is the most fulfilling decision.

Having burst onto the scene and instantly captivated listeners with her eclectic signature hip-hop and R&B sound, Annais Williams is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose star is definitely on the rise.

Having been exposed to music at the tender age of three, one could say that Annais Williams’ musical destiny has long been set in motion. Enthralling her audiences with her transparent and honest lyrical style and natural ear for melodies, this talented musician is one of the best-kept secrets in the business. Still, her talent won’t be a secret for long.

Having grown up in the city affectionately called “The City of Angels” by its residents, Annais Williams attributes her rich and diverse musical taste to her mother and environment. Exposed to all kinds of music at home, in addition to being an active participant in her church choir, Williams’ musical talents were nurtured from a young age. Fast forward, and releases like her recent EP “Once In a Bluu Moon” show she’s fully become an artist. If she can uphold the impressive standard she’s set for herself, the sky will be the limit.

“Somethin'” is a release that honestly feels like a perfect representation of the artist Annais Williams has become. Thoughtful, honest, and gentle, this release soothes your mind like a gentle summer breeze. A mellow and slightly melancholy guitar formed a soothing background for Annais Williams and featured artist Armanti’s verses.

As she tenderly sings lines like “I know it’s something / Between you and me / Good loving, no question / I’ve overdosed on your energy,” you can’t help but feel romance fill the air. Williams has become a master at capturing the vulnerable yet freeing emotions that come with romance done right, and on “Somethin',” these skills are definitely on full display.

Annais Williams’ latest offering, “Somethin,” is a beautiful, soothing release to soothe your mind and warm your heart. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Annais Williams’ new release, “Somethin’,” on all majour streaming platforms.

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