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Annika Bellamy Want You To Catch A Beach Vibe From New Single “Summer O’clock”

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Annika Bellamy is your all American SoCal girl who loves her Dutch/Indonesian and European Spanish roots. Annika has been creating, writing and singing music for as long as she can remember. Now living in Southern California Annika loves creating and recording music that inspires others. Her tone, style, natural beauty and wonderful personality has caught the attention and amassed her an impressive fanbase. Annika is now working on a followup EP. Multiple Labels & Grammy producers have already expressed interest in co-writing, producing and recording Annika’s next 5 releases. 

“Summer O’clock” is a contagious new pop-hit with undertones of tropical and beach vibes. It’s an urban-pop track with catchy rhythmic textures and an alluring melody. It’s all about good vibes and enjoying yourself all summer long! “Summer O’clock” is the perfect song for a beach party, festival or just cruising with your windows down. Annika has a mesmerizing tone to her vocals that will have you singing along with every word. She makes relatable tracks that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy. We love her high energy that exudes a sense of comfortability through her music. I highly recommend you check out this summer sizzle and stay on the lookout for more from Annika Bellamy!

Check out “Summer O’clock” here and read more with Annika below! 


Hi Annika! What can you tell us about the song “Summer O’Clock”– what inspired you to write it, and what was the recording process like?

Every season has its own festivity. I wanted to bring out the best feeling of summer with my touch of liveliness, fun, exciting, energetic, and fresh sounds that made summer almost feel like we we’re in celebration of a holiday! The process of writing was very surreal, carefree, fun and refreshing! “Summer o’clock” definitely puts you in a picture-perfect summertime vibe/mood on its own storyline whether you’re into the summer season or not. 

Where is the best setting to listen to the song, and what do you hope people take away from it?

I recently relocated to Long Beach so writing this was inspired by a carefree summer by the water/beaches. My ideal summer. I think the song is relatable for any summer/party setting when you dive into spontaneous fun! The song has a storyline that makes you feel like you’re living in your best moments. I hope people can all get a taste and fair view of all the highlights in summer.

How long have you been making music and what are your main aspirations?

I’ve been writing since I was eleven years of age. My aspersion is to imprint on as many people’s lives in the music industry for the better. Music is interpreted so many different way’s, it speaks to nations all around the world. Being an artist and knowing that my music has power having the ability to touch many hearts and soul’s in hopes of bringing peace, happiness, joy,  and healing is so powerful! I feel like a doctor! I guess that’s my superpower! This is how I give back to humanity and gain my purpose. Music has always been an outlet for me. Music is medicine. 

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

I am really shy. Most people would disagree and say I am the most social outgoing girl they know, I maybe... but I definitely am shy with all the personality that goes along with being such a social butterfly that’s so welcoming... lol.

What’s next for you?

More song releases from my Ep upcoming! I’m excited to show you more music and have the privilege to take you on many adventures to endure! 


Catch up with Annika Bellamy via her socials below!


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