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Anthem Vibes Explode on Sarah Shoumer's Latest Release "Music"

Sarah Shoumer's latest performance on "Music," exudes concrete anthemic vibes, and a vibrant, dynamic range as she encourages a positive outlook on life for all her audiences.

Sarah Shoumer has always preserved powerful connections to her influences, from the experiences of being a young woman to the climate of the most current events. As a compelling and blossoming vocalist who surpasses her contemporary-soul counterparts, she refuses to pursue regurgitated hooks for this reason, and to this end, her freshest offering, "Music," unearths a songstress destined for great things.

"Music," the latest single from multi-instrumental singer-songwriter commences with a subtle marinating guitar hook that suggests a more adult-contemporary vibe before it swerves into a filtering warping drop that gives way into a staggering window down, road-trip justifying anthem. Everything drips with character as the song evolves into something that feels like a lost pop classic. Shoumer's stifling vocals— upfront and intimate—hover atop the expanses of this mix as the punchy low-end reacquaint with the synthesizer's blinks and swells before it all simmer down into a game-changing B section—enter guitar intermezzo. "I'm breaking free, I'm finding hope, Music's gonna take me, where I wanna go," Shoumer exclaims from the depth of her heart for the final banging chorus. It's an ingenious club-house sum to this track—utilizing the meticulous embroidery of her producers— and at only fifteen years old, Sarah Shoumer reminds us why we should give emerging artists their well-deserving spotlight in the first place.

Who has been the most impactful influencer in your life since you first started in the music industry, and how has this inspiration nursed your creative development?

There have been so many people who have inspired me to keep creating and developing myself as an artist. I inspire to be like Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini and so many other women who are changing the industry day by day. It reminds me to keep spreading a positive message and to keep creating music despite the challenges that arise. 

You show full command over your voice throughout this single, is this something that has always been a natural state, or was there certain practice methods you have come to thank for embellishing you with such control?

I would definitely say that my voice has developed so much over the past few years. I have been taking voice lessons since I was ten and have worked really hard to improve my singing skills. Now that I have been recording music in the studio, my producer, Max Laskavy, has given me so many tips and tricks on how to sing and sound good in the studio. Although I am super happy with how far my voice has come over the years, I know that a few years from now my voice will sound even more developed and polished! 

Do you feel this song has an important message to express right now? With so much going on around the world, maybe you feel like "Music" provides an overt lesson?

Absolutely! When I was recording this song last year, I had no idea how fitting it would be for this time in particular. One thing that has stayed constant in my life throughout this time has been music. I have been able to work on my craft and express my emotions into song. My overall message with "Music" is that music has the ability to lift people up and help them to overcome tough times. I hope that this song was able to do that for people especially with the hardships that many people are unfortunately facing today. 

What is going to be your next steps, Sarah? Are you planning on release an extended play or full-length album soon?

I have been writing so many songs recently so I have been slowly getting back into the studio getting ready to record. I would love to release a few more singles this year and into the next and then even eventually release an extended play. I am in no rush to release an E.P. as I have found that releasing singles has been so fun and rewarding! 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? 

So many things! I would say that I have been getting a lot of my inspiration from social media. The world is currently thriving off of social media so I am on Instagram a lot throughout the day. If I see a post that someone has shared that interests me or says something that is important and unique, I usually turn that into a song. I also try to pull from my personal life and the things that I have experienced as a teenage girl. 


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