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Anthony Hughes Drips Pure Charisma with his Debut Release, "My Thing"

Emerging artist Anthony Hughes eagerly presents the release of his opulent, highly anticipated single, “My Thing.” The London-based solo dance and electronic creative have made his lively introduction into the music scene, showcasing his singing and songwriting abilities with his debut single accompanied by mesmerizing visuals. Captivating listeners and establishing his name in the scene, Anthony Hughes incorporates captivating elements with the heated release of “My Thing.”

This introductory record of Anthony Hughes captures the very essence of his artistry as he immerses us in lush, synth resonance escorted by the dynamism and soul in his vocalization. The memorable melodies and moving instrumentation produce a commanding rhythm that empowers the audience while pulling us into his earnest embrace. Combining heavy electronic elements drizzled in a Pop essence, Anthony Hughes exudes striking vocals as he paints a picture expressing how, through this crazy journey of life, he will continue to do what he is set out to do. No matter how many eyes are on him, he will continue to power through and be himself in a world where there are too many cookie cutters just trying to be a replica of the ones before them.

Turning to the top-notch, eye-catching music video that pairs with “My Thing” like bread and butter, we are submerged in the city that has raised Anthony Hughes to be the staple that he is. Images shifting between neon lights, cityscapes, subways, smoke bombs, graffiti, and gathering with friends, you are drawn into a carefree, fun-filled environment of people letting loose and embracing themselves for who they truly are. The colorful scenes, high fashion, and quick-cut shots add that additional zest that only Anthony Hughes can pull off.

“My Thing” is a debut gem that glistens amongst the lighting from all angles.

Congratulations on the release of “My Thing,” and welcome to BuzzMusic, Anthony Hughes! With such a strong debut single, we found that we have learned a lot about you as an individual and artist. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself as an artist and how “My Thing,” reflects that?

Thank you so much, As an artist, I hope that people can see and hear an individuality. I don't think I've ever tried to be like someone else although I have musical inspirations of course. I wanted a first single that was light and people could relate to, especially in these tough times. I'm hoping to warm my audience up for when I release more complex sounds with deeper energy to them.

What was the creative process like when crafting the lyrics for “My Thing?”

The lyrics changed many times, to be honest. They came from personal experiences in my own life and I just wanted to be honest with what I was singing about.

The music video is full of energy and really drives the single home! Did your vision come out exactly how you imagined it? What was it like working on your first music video?

My vision for the video was totally what I had in mind. I worked with Chris Jeffers who was the videographer for the shoot and everything that I imagined beforehand came to life. I wanted to show life in London and everyone I used in the video was just perfect. I've got some exciting ideas for a couple of tracks coming soon and hopefully, you'll see a more complex side to me.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the music you release?

If people take anything away from my music and my voice, I hope that they can relate to me and I hope they hear and feel something that they haven't alot of the time before.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has been a tough year. Sounds corny but my inspiration this year is my determination to get my voice out there on the scene even when the world seems to be against us, it's especially hard for artists right now and what inspires me is to be able to look back and say, I released my music in one of the hardest times professionally and never lost any passion or hunger for what I do.


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