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Anthony Levone Seriously Impresses Us With Latest Track “Do It For"

We’re bringing you guys a brand new artist (we have a baby artist here at BuzzMusic)! Anthony Levone is articulate, talented and raw in his execution of lyricism. At the young age of 22, Anthony is making a big impact in the music world with his latest music, and we’re inviting you to come along and discover more about who and what Anthony Levone is. 

Damn. Anthony’s latest single “Do It For” is a killer track. The integration of what sounds like underlying trumpet beats throughout the track makes it stand out to me as a higher class rap single. It’s a song that makes you picture yourself as a winner right away—a  rap track that has you feeling real good. What I found most compelling about this single was the message that Anthony was giving throughout: who he’s doing all of this for. “Do it for the sons that got slaughtered”; “I do it for those who die with ropes around their necks"—Anthony Levone is giving off an inspirational and powerful message through his choice of lyricism, and I feel major respect for what he seems to be all about. I wasn’t disappointed at all with Anthony’s newest track “Do It For”—a quality rap track that has a J.Cole feel to it, I’m ultimately impressed. 

Listen to "Do It For" here and get to know more about Anthony Levone below!

Anthony Levone! Wow, your music is catchy man. Tell us how you knew the music journey was for you?

Honestly I've always had a way with words & a love for good music along with a creative spirit so I eventually made my decision to make music in late 2017 with some pressuring from friends and family who saw potential in me.

How was the creation process of “Do It For”? Was it relatively easy to come up with the lyrics for this track, or did you find it difficult?

It was fun & a bit painstaking in all honestly just due to my meticulous nature. Coming up with the lyrics took some time because I'm a perfectionist & wanted each word to flow well with the next all while staying true to who I am & my motivations for making music whom I detail in the lyrics in the song.

Are you happy with the way “Do It For” was produced?

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with it but the production along with my flow could've been better but for humans to error is normal.

Tell us about your musical inspirations—who would you say are the top three artists/bands that have had the largest impact on both you and your music?

I'm a fan of greatness & truth so I would say my three greatest musical inspirations are Tupac, J. Cole & the legendary duo of OutKast whom along with Cole hail from the South like myself.

What’s going on with you and your music for the rest of 2019? What can listeners expect to see from you?

A good bit honestly, I'm currently just working hard to accrue more funds to further my career as an independent artist & future producer as well as making quality art, also I'm continuing to perfect my skills in the booth and enlarge my fan base. They can expect more truth from the heart along with catchy hooks & witty, sometimes advanced vocabulary filled bars that can paint the most vivid pictures of sorrow, pain, heartache, and even hope as well as a few visuals to accompany later single releases & this one as well.


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