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Apricity Shares Nothing But The Truth on Latest Single, "All My Lies"

Alternative Pop-Rock singer from Canada, Apricity, has just released her magnetic latest single, “All My Lies.”

Born in Scotland, Apricity happily resides in Puslinch, Ontario, where she was immersed in Musical Theatre from a young age. She got her start by performing on UK television shows Fun Factory and High Summer Extra. Her passion and love of music never left and as an adult, she is now working hard to bring her dreams into vision, and that vision into reality.

“All My Lies,” is the first single off of her upcoming debut EP and it releases alongside eerie visuals filmed in an 1800’s horror style at a historic and haunted site. Written by Keith Varon who has experienced success on Billboard with Travis Barker, Apricity decided to team up with platinum awarded and Juno nominated producer Thomas Mckay of Exeter Studios and Juno award-winning engineer Vic Florencia to bring the vision of this song to life.

“All My Lies,” begins with heavy electronic elements that create an eerie dystopian ambiance as we settle into the beating composition at hand. This upbeat and vivid track weighs in on the Rock scale as it dabbles into Pop components and leaks into a deep storytelling manner exuded by Apricity. Painting an abstract representation of it not being her fault that she can’t live up to the expectations you dream up of inside your head, she shines a light on individuality and being unapologetic for the actions you carry out while remaining yourself.

Apricity delivers a powerful performance with the way her vocals rings bells on impact. Her striking vocal range seamlessly blends with the genres she portrays as she brings out the empowered side in all of us fighting to be seen for who we are. The prevailing lyrics in the captivating hook “I can’t be, I can’t be your God,” act as a gravitational pull when we hear them and they carry us into the next verse and again to the end of the record. Apricity definitely leaves vivid imagery and sparkle wherever she goes as she expresses her talents in an electric manner.

We couldn’t help but get lost in the depths of this track as it played through. What made you decide to make “All My Lies,” the debut single off of your project? Working on music during a pandemic itself, was difficult but it was an escape. This song could mean a thousand different things to people, but I felt it would reach a broad audience and it was a wildly sensitive song I really felt people could move through this song and vent. Is “All My Lies,” a direct representation of what we can expect to hear on your EP? A lot of these songs are about close personal relationships. This EP is a direct representation of who I am as a person I look at these songs as if I was talking to a friend and how I would explain it. The EP has a ballad as well but staying within the dark tone and emotion. What did the creative process look like when you began crafting “All My Lies?" You work with a lot of big names on this record. How did that come to be? It was by luck I came across this song that Keith Varon wrote I had a bunch of songs I wanted to start working on and this was one of them. At the start, it’s a process of finding the right people. At the same time, Covid hit so thankfully many people have home studios so we could actually keep this going Vic FLORENCIA was kind enough to help me and put me in touch with one of his producers Tom McKay. They have a great team, which includes musicians and I was lucky enough to be welcomed in. These people are machines when it comes to working on music and they give 110%. I have learned so much from them and continue to learn every day. What would you like listeners to take away from the music that you put out? And more so, specifically this song? I want listeners to feel like they are on a journey and wondering what comes next I would like to bring listeners back to a similar-feeling, emotional event that this reminds them of .. not one they want to avoid but one that they can overcome and give them a sense of satisfaction. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

I like to limit my intake of news because there is so much doom and gloom. Watch funny videos, take care of the great neighbors I have in my bubble and my biggest antidote has been working on this EP and video. So many amazing people around that I have been lucky to work with. Can't help but stay positive.



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