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Arcana Kings' "Kinistino" Ignites A Blaze Of Unapologetic Energy

Arcana Kings, the dynamic party rock ensemble from British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada, is back with an electrifying new single, "Kinistino," a vibrant follow-up to their impactful track "Soldier On."

With their lineup featuring Johnny McCuaig (lead vocals, bagpipes, rhythm guitar), James Picton (lead guitarist), Allan Morrison (rhythm guitarist, vocals), Kevin Kyle (bass), and Graham Templeman (drums), Arcana Kings deliver a spirited anthem that encapsulates the essence of their vivacious sound.

"Kinistino" unfolds as a spirited narrative recounting a remarkable show at a sparsely populated Northern Canadian bar. McCuaig reminisces about those magical nights when the band was in full swing, captivating the audience's every moment, irrespective of its size. The track exudes the joy and passion the band finds in every live performance, regardless of the crowd's magnitude.

With an upbeat country vibe, "Kinistino" introduces a grit-infused and unapologetic sonic landscape. The vocals, led by McCuaig's textured delivery, exude character and authenticity, creating an engaging auditory experience. The song's energy amplifies with each percussive beat, and chugging riffs add a layer of excellence, contributing to the anthem's anthemic quality.

The song celebrates individuality and self-expression, embracing a unique blend of rock, country, and grit. Arcana Kings masterfully wield their instruments to create an unstoppable force of energy. The infectious melodies underscore the band's commitment to crafting music that resonates with the spirit of authenticity.

As Arcana Kings continue to make waves, their forthcoming album, "Hardwired for Rock ‘N’ Roll," promises more of their signature sound. With a focus on embracing individuality, "Kinistino" stands as a testament to the band's ability to create anthems that capture the essence of celebration and self-discovery, making it a thrilling addition to their discography.


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