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Archi Released The Killer Mixtape; “X-Tape”

From Palm beach county, Florida, and born in kingston Jamaica, Archi began recording music when he was around 12 years old. His father would put him on the mic to sing Michael Jackson and Celine Dion; and grew up listening to Em and 50 cent before being inspired by Drake, Tory Lanez and more. Archi created his first single “Whatchu Say” and released it a year later and it was his first recorded track he done ever did. Even though he wasn’t a personal fan of the record as much, he continued to push the song and put his money behind it until his views began to increase on soundcloud. Growing up in an upbringing and household where his father was into reggae and a family from the poverty environment of Jamaica, Music was the outlet of joy for Archi, and he’s ready to use this outlet as a career for him as he’s here with the jams.

Archi released his project titled “X-Tape” and what was super cool about the “X-intro” record was the initiation of it. It began with a radio-like introduction to the artist and his background. The beat had lo-fi subdued elements mixed and fused with classic and iconic early beginnings of hip-hop and rap. It reminded me alot like the early introductions of urban hip-hop. Then, “Glock on Me” transitions in and this single is straight fire. The song has an aggressive and hard-hitting trap beat with a bass that we love. Archi shows versatility throughout X-tape even with the next single “Crash Out” that was more melodic and had auto-tuned effects on the song. The entire project of “x-tape” was a fusion of variations of hip-hop. Archi showed us he can project the bold, in your face energy, while also keeping it calm, cool and collected. You’ll never know which style of rap you’re about to receive and it’s brilliant! I love versatile artists who gives you unpredictable moments in the project and it’s what’s makes “X-tape” a highly radiating and authentic project! If I was an A&R at a record label, I’d sign Archi with no hesitations about it!

Check out Archi's "X-tape" here, and continue scrolling for the artists exclusive interview.

How has your upbringing surrounding Reggae/Dancehall impacted your style and artistry today Archi?

Reggae has been a big major influence in making my music from style to even flow. Reggae and dancehall you would have to be able to jump on any given beat they give you not just a pick your type of style I remember growing up and listening to artist like vybz kartel and the whole gaza camp and seeing guys had to be ready to jump on all and every type on beat and freestyle of sing on.

What are some challenges you’ve faced increating “X-Tape”?

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t going to put out it, I was on the verge of giving up on it. One challenge I had was the sound being me but at the same time different and making it so everybody in my circle meaning my place where I came from still being able to fuck with it and love it. It was hard because I doubted myself and songs a lot but I over-came that and my girlfriend being my backbone nd helping me push through with really dropping it and other people believing in me, believing in the X-Tape…I would say my best project made so far.

Do you have any personal favorites off of this project? If so which and why!?

I would also say musically and sounding wise Crash out cause it ment me talking to my audience and giving them a look inside my personal life and X Me Out cause the same. Sound and production Smoke. But all in all, all of my songs off there dope as fuck lol.

What was the most meaningful song for you to create off “X-tape”?

When it comes to how I much passion I had behind this song, I would say “Composer” the message I put in there; talking about issues with race and being the color I am. There’s a line in there that says “Like ray stevens I can do this on my own, been thru muddy water sticky rock without my clothes these tombs where made for kings like me to fit in all alone” then I go on describing my hair, my skinn color, my features, and so on and how we are shot down by our own and others.

What’s next for you?

Everything and more, working on a secret project with a producer on his project/EP shout out to him, you will see that project this year and more collab work with artist and more shows and we traveling places around Florida this time and locally still. Then we also dropping a video for Glock On Me look out for that on my Instagram and even a my clothing line merch and other stuff @26hoursclothing on Instagram coming soon. Also more time with fans and promotion of more thing to come, much more.


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