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Are you Ready To Rock? Check Out “Self-Made Man” By Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart Band is a rock band from the Independent Republic of Vancouver Island (Courtenay, BC). Their sound is an unapologetic take on a more modern version of classic rock. The heavy guitar and catchy melodies fused with edgy vocals make Rebel Heart’s sound incredibly unique. Comprised of four members, Charlie, Jimmy, Josh and Jon had to put their music careers on hold to raise the families but these guys are back and better than ever. Rebel Heart gained attention from the notable producer Paul Laine (Poison, Scorpions, Defiant, Danger Danger) who agreed to produce their next album “Yuk Fu” and the success has been growing ever since!

“Self-Made Man” is a killer single off of Rebel Heart's album “Yuk Fu”. I’m getting serious Metallica vibes with the raspy and addicting vocals. It features razor sharp riffs, clever lyrics and upbeat tempo. “Self-Made Man” is a song about being humble. “There’s no such thing as a self-made man, everything you’ve got came through other hands” describes this theme perfectly. No one person or celebrity is all that, they made their way through the help of others whether that be directly or through history. The lyricism and skilled ability to connect to fans and listeners is a talent only the most sought after artists have. I’d love the hear the bands inspiration for this song and more about the meaning behind it. The great Paul Laine definitely has an ear when it comes to stars because Rebel Heart’s sound is a more modern twist on the Scorpions legendary arrangements and aesthetic. Whether or not you’re a fan of classic rock, these guys are here to stay and it’s easy to see why! I highly recommend you check out the entire album “Yuk Fu”, it’s a refreshing treat from start to finish.

Check out the single “Self-Made Man” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

How did you come up with the name The Rebel Heart Band?

Charlie: Our producer Paul Laine was in the studio with us and we were struggling coming up with a name, we had a song we had done for the upcoming CD called Rebel Heart – so Paul said why not that name…we all looked at each other and said, that’s awesome…great fit.

What's the writing process like collectively?

Charlie: We all have input into the polishing of the songs.  No matter who has written it, but Grateful Jon is the primary writer.

“Self-Made Man” is a great single! Can you talk about the meaning behind it?

Charlie: This song came out of the we are 99 movement.    It states the fact that it doesn’t mater if you have a billion dollars to build the biggest tower on earth you still need all of us to make it happen, so no such thing as a self-made man!

Of course with the Trump movement it seems everyone thinks we wrote the song about him – but as the saying goes, if the shoe fits…

When you guys aren’t making music, what do you do?

Charlie: I own a pub, so that keeps me quite busy, I also love mountain biking and boating.  But of course the most import thing for me is spending quality time with my family.

Grateful Jon: #1...think about music

#2 ...learn how to problem solve, work as a team...and which beer tap is the IPA.

Josh Fulford: Hanging out with my family at our cabin on Savory Island.

Jimmy Dupius: Playing my never-ending record collection.

Henry Grierson: Walking the dog, playing in a couple of local cover bands to keep the fingers hoping, and discussing music theory in detail.

What are some challenges you've faced together and how did you overcome those challenges?

The hardest challenge is getting noticed.   There are so many great musicians out there, and we love collaborating with them to help all of us reach that common goal – so we keep pushing to the middle, building our fan base and playing as often as we can, and the key for us is keeping it fun, we are playing to 50 people or 500 – we love the energy and it drives our passion for music.


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