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Ari Tahan’s “Idiot” Pulls You In With Gorgeous Vocals and Vibrant Melodies

Enchanting pop artist Ari Tahan from Guildford, Surrey uses powerful lyrics and melodies to present a passionate and emotional sound experience. When Ariwas younger she attended Notre Dame, Cobham where she took part in School Choirs, had private singing lessons and received her first guitar at age 12 which enabled her to learn how to play and write her own songs. Young Ari also attended the Italia Conti Arts Centre in Guildford twice a week from age 8 to 16 and was more drawn to contemporary music as she grew older, leading her to achieve a diploma and degree from The Academy of Contemporary Music after 3 years. At 17, Ari met singer-songwriter, Judie Tzuke, and got her first step into professionally recording her music along with getting studio experience. Ari has performed at BBC Introducing Live at Tobacco Docks as well as being chosen by BBC Introducing Radio as “Feature Artist”.

Don’t get fooled by the electric tones at the beginning of “Idiot”, a passionate pop track with stunning vocals and emotional lyrics that connect with the listener on a personal level. Ari’s voice has touches of Christina Aguilera and Shakira blended with a strong, exuberant base that showcases that she was born with talent. I personally love the range that Ari is capable of and clearly represents it throughout “Idiot” as well as the level of writing skill that she has presented at such a young age. The beats that follow the gorgeous vocals are vibrant, and blend together beautifully to create a unique musical atmosphere through “Idiot”. “Idiot, your pushing me away” is one of the main lyrical lines that can be found emphasized throughout the track, giving the hint that this song is about relationship pains that listeners can relate to easily, and Ari has done a wonderful job creating a song that really draws in an audience. I am a huge fan of the power that is being delivered through “Idiot” so fantastically by Ari, and I believe that she is an artist to keep an eye out for as this song is a complete hit.

Listen to Idiot here and get to know more about Ari Tahan below!

Hey Ari! You have a wonderful voice! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hey hey!! Aww thank you ever so much, that means a lot coming from you guys! I’m 22, and I am currently based in Guildford, Surrey. I grew up in a lovely little town called Walton-on-Thames and went to a school called Notre Dame in Cobham which was very musical as well as academic and I was very grateful to have both advantages. I was part of School Choirs and I was very committed to attending the Italia Conti Arts Centre in Guildford twice a week. After my GCSE exams at school, I went on to study at The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), where I ended up spending 3 years gaining my diploma and degree! Some of my musical highlights so far include performing at BBC Introducing Live at Tobacco Docks, as well as being chosen as 'feature artist' of the week on BBC Introducing Radio. I have also had the pleasure of writing with well respected singer-songwriter, Judie Tzuke on a few of my upcoming singles! As well as being an artist, I perform in a full covers band and in an acoustic duo/trio at various holiday resorts, private events and restaurants every other weekend. I also have a part time job as a support worker for disabled young adults alongside my music career which I love doing. 

Can you describe the first moment that you knew music was going to be your life-long passion?

I was given a microphone when I was 2 making funny noises, I have plenty of funny videos! But the true moment was in 2nd grade when I was 6 years old and I sang on stage for the first time in my school talent show singing ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin! I will never forget the feeling. I knew music meant so much to me at that age because I forgot a lyric on stage in front of the whole school and I remember crying my eyes out thinking it was the end of the world. I only wanted to improve and keep getting better, this was the moment I just knew I wanted to keep going.

What is the meaning behind “Idiot” and did you face any challenges during the creative process?

The song is about a previous toxic relationship. It’s about how my self esteem was taken away from me, and how I felt isolated and insecure during and after the relationship. I didn’t want to release this song until everything had blown over as well as getting the sound to be exactly how I visioned it. I have been holding onto this song for a while and I wrote it because I realised that the ‘idiot’ who lied to me and broke my heart wasn’t worth my time anymore and I finally realised my own self worth and dignity. I feel that releasing this song is a sense letting go of the insecurity he gave to me. The creative process was actually really enjoyable! It was one of those songs that just came out so naturally and I loved working on it with my producer (David Goodes) and Co-writer (Judie Tzuke). It is my favourite song of mine to perform live! 

Where do you draw your lyrical inspiration from?

Just from how I am truly feeling or what I believe in and real life situations! I can’t write a song about something I can’t relate to, it has to come from my heart.

Tell us what we can expect to see from you in 2019.

You can be sure to see 3 more singles this year including ‘Idiot’. The other two singles are called ‘Underwater’ and ‘Who will you be?’. Music videos are in the making too! I’m also self producing some covers of my favorite songs! I will be gigging here and there of course too! You can keep up to date by following me on social media @aritahanmusic. 


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