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Arielle Perez Painfully Realizes Her Infatuated Lover is "Just a Dream"

Arielle Perez is a Filipino/Canadian R&B-inspired pop artist who is quite familiar with the music scene. As a model, pianist, dancer, and actress, Arielle Perez is one to immerse herself in the arts and put on an authentic performance for any willing listener.

Arielle Perez's musical history begins with her winning the title of "Little Miss Philippines-Canada" in 2014, and expanding her career in 2019 by walking the Canadian Asian Fashion Week runway, modeling for some big-time designers. Arielle Perez is definitely one to dream big, and her latest single, "Just a Dream" shows how capable she is of reaching such big dreams.

"Just a Dream" was recently debuted and was paired with a music video release. Right from the start, a sweet-sounding, simplistic melody ensues and soon enough listeners receive the integration of Arielle Perez's youthful vocals that blend right into the whimsical rhythm.

The music video is centered around the narrative of "Just a Dream," which is majorly Arielle Perez's realization that a certain romantic interest, and all of her desires surrounding that interest, are simply "Just a Dream."

Arielle Perez does a fantastic job at depicting every emotion that such a reality would unravel. Arielle Perez's picture-perfect daydream gets exposed as unreal, and she wears that realization on her face with such poignancy. She realizes her fantasies are simply just fantasies and that sense of disappointment gets easily communicated.

The visuals are aesthetically pleasing, as Arielle Perez chooses to truly hone into the whimsical-like atmosphere by providing a daydream-like music video set. All in all, Arielle Perez did more than enough to solidify her place in the music scene with her "Just a Dream" music video, and we're excited to see what she'll construct with her creative efforts next.

Thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic Arielle Perez, and congratulations on the debut of "Just a Dream" as well as its music video! What kind of emotions followed the release of this song and video?

Releasing this single was another success! I felt so happy and grateful that I was able to release yet another original song made by me and my producers, Jan Jansen of Blue Purple Records and James Nickle of Cleveland Sound Lab.

As an artist who performs incredibly well, how did you find embracing each emotion portrayed within "Just a Dream?" Did the song come from a personal experience?

The idea of creating “Just a Dream” did come from a personal experience that I had, in a dream of course! I wanted each and every emotion to stand out and seem like whatever happened in my dream was actually happening, which was how I felt.

You've been integrated into the arts for quite some time already! Nearing almost a decade in the next few years, how do you feel looking back at all of your progress? How do you find your sound and overall style has changed?

Looking back at all of my progress, it’s unbelievable how much I’ve developed as an artist, and as a person within the past decade! I got to experience so many amazing opportunities which have led me to where I am today. Some of those opportunities are entering competitions (Canadian Model & Talent Convention, Pinoy Voice Canada, Royal Conservatory of Music, etc.), composing and releasing my original songs on music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.), and being on set for major TV/movie streaming services (Netflix & CBC).

What were some challenges that you experienced, if any, during the writing and recording process of your song, "Just a Dream?"

A challenge I had in writing “Just a Dream” was having writer’s block. I wanted to find the perfect words to describe how I felt in this particular dream and how it felt so real to me. Though during the recording process, everything went really well thanks to my producers, Jan and James! I couldn’t have done this without them and the support of my loving family and friends, especially my awesome parents!


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