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ARTIS JEFE Brings Light to "Ya See"

From Toledo to Los Angeles, ARTIS JEFE drips in authenticity while being a poet at heart. Here to create art and music freely, while inspiring others to follow suit, ARTIS JEFE is on a mission on a quest to find the best expression of himself.

The soothing elements of retrospective transmission are mind-altering in ARTIS JEFE’s latest release “Ya See.” There is an unalloyed emotion that enters the soundscape in a way that takes over your very essence as you immerse yourself in the melodies portrayed.

Through an intimate offering of luscious timbres, each word speaks out in a way that has us feeling the individual grooves that are visited in the instrumentation. Enlisting the striking croons of a female vocalist to enhance this emotional rollercoaster, the brilliant escape that is etched into the contrast of emcees like verses and melodic utters brings us to a realization laced in the narrative.

ARTIS JEFE produces a vulnerable environment where he speaks on losing his sister, losing his purpose, and no longer being able to see someone due to them not being with him physically. Intertwined is an expression of spirituality and the mission to grasp onto the bigger picture in life, the instrumentation switches its route of navigation halfway through this piece, as we are left with the final thought of ARTIS JEFE reiterating ‘I need you to see.’

Dimensions are struck in a manner that has yet to be visited by the poetic storytelling he incorporates in his lyrical dexterity. Coming from a place of heart-rending realization, ARTIS JEFE is turning heads with “Ya See.”

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic ARTIS JEFE and congratulations on the release of “Ya See.” You truly capture the spirit of your poetic roots in this composition. Could you please take us into what the creative process was like when writing this track?

This song is based on a poem I wrote I am speaking on the loss of vision and purpose when my sister ascended. The lyrics came from the soul. My intention was to make the poem and the pain beautiful so I got help from the mega-producer OmgItsMedina, soul singer Karen. and masterful MC Phillip DARK.

Do you find that having a background in poetry helped your artistry or kept you boxed into a specific style of art?

My art is poetry. ARTIS POETRY.

The way the beat switches halfway through this record is brilliant! It adds so much depth to the message you’re sending out. What inspired this concept? Did you find it easier or more difficult to write to a piece that has two instrumentations locked into one?

OmgItsMedina: As a producer who listens to a lot of different genres of music, I have heard songs that have beat switches in them and that makes listening to it so much more interesting and I feel like a single song shouldn’t be bound to one specific beat/instrumental. It was fairly easy to make the switch since a new idea popped into my head and I just decided to run with that idea for the rest of the song.

ARTIS JEFE: I love the switch up and LOVE this beat absolutely. I think it actually switches up 3 times which I love threes and love when the flow switches.

Whether it be about you or self-realization of their own, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from “Ya See?"

We want them to see the bigger picture when there is little hope. We want them to look inside themselves for guidance.

What can we anticipate to hear next from you? I will be dropping a power-pop project titled “THIS IS NOT RAP” this summer. “YA SEE” will be on there as well as a single titled “SYMPHONY” that’s currently out on all music platforms. I have features dropping with my label Cxndom. I am also planning to release another poetry EP. If you haven’t yet check out my poetry EP “SHE IS JEFE” by Joshua Chee.


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