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Artist Formula Announces Their Exciting Shift Into Artist Formula Record Group

After a groundbreaking launch back in 2018, Co-Founder’s Tyler Boone and Sean Carpenter have decided to take the next step with their artist/music service company Artist Formula and transform into Artist Formula Record Group. Gaining worldwide music distribution with KMG Distribution (powered by The Orchard/Sony RED), Artist Formula is excited to announce that this partnership will provide artists with the most favorable rates while leaving all control and 100% ownership to the client.

While keeping their main goal of helping artists achieve the most affordable music services possible, Artist Formula happily maintains those services and goes thoroughly into detail regarding marketing, promotion, and setup. Always making sure that each campaign is approached with the same importance yet different tactics, Artist Formula provides an in house viral team to ensure that all clients have the equal opportunity for maximum exposure to their unique fanbases.

While also updating new official Artist Formula playlists across many genres, the company works hard to come in from all ends of the industry and expand their brand. Now that Artist Formula has launched its label arm Artist Formula Record Group, we’re both excited to see how the company will evolve with this exciting shift.

Check out our exclusive interview with Artist Formula below.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Artist Formula! Starting off, could you take us back to the big launch in 2018 and explain the driving force behind why Tyler Boone and Sean Carpenter wanted to create the Artist Formula company? 

Sean and myself launched Artist Formula back in 2018 after Sean came up with the idea that we could start an "a la carte" friendly music services company, run by young like-minded artists like ourselves. I was burned by someone we knew personally and we believed we could do this better and honestly, so we did. 

Since then we have worked with the likes of Warner Music, BMG, New West Recs, Roundhill Recs, Pure Pop Music, Plowboy Recs, Team Clermont, Baby Robot Media, Burning Ground Entertainment, Tactical Strategists,'s been pretty incredible. We focused on real listenership on Spotify playlists first and then it led to Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud & now with worldwide music distribution with KMG (powered by The Orchard) under the Royalty Network. 

We’ve heard that recently Artist Formula has transitioned into the Artist Formula Record Group. While giving artists/clients favorable rates and 100% ownership, what else might intrigue artists to take on their services with Artist Formula?

Back in March, we were approached by Ross Robey of KMG Distribution to offer Artist Formula worldwide distribution (turning now into Artist Formula Record Group) & a very fair split that always favors the artist. I myself have had many distribution deals and this is quite incredible as you gain all the services from a top-tier distribution company to all the DSP's but also with no ownership into your own mechanical or publishing. You are still free to do what you please with your own "master" which is very important since I've had my publishing claimed by other companies in the past without any direct notice before (it was horrible).

I would say our major upside when we offer services is we always complete them instead of a standard response a lot of indie artists get "we tried, wish you the best of luck" that most us artists receive when hiring a company online. 

We wanted to change that and we feel strongly about this. If we ever feel an artist wasn't pleased we always do our best to make sure they are satisfied before we step away. We want them to come back again and again.

We do this with very specific advertisements. We never turn them off and we are always adjusting. This method is becoming very common, but it's how great you can keep your advertisements. We strive to keep them both strong & healthy. 

From marketing, promotion, management, and much more, it’s clear that Artist Formula has worked incredibly hard to help artists expand in every aspect of their career. Can you please specify what campaigns you offer to our artist's readers?

Our campaigns are very simple. We work in 5 areas:

1) Spotify

2) Instagram

3) YouTube

4) SoundCloud

5) Distribution 

Our campaigns are specific but we can always work towards a certain goal the artist is working towards. For more information on what we do, please fill out this form below 

We are very excited about this launch, especially during these uncertain times where all artists are now focusing on the internet instead of touring. Thank you again Buzz Music LA! 



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