Artist Highlight: Sam Varga Keeps an Intimate Feeling in His Music

The Nashville based singer/songwriter Sam Varga faces the industry from a variety of perspectives to create emotionally raw music that is full of inspiration. With his latest release “When She Falls”, Sam brings multiple styles to light that include soft tones, intimate vocals, and an incredibly deep heartfelt story that will be sure to bring out all of your emotions, it also being Sams most precious song. Sam Varga opts for the airier, more intimate approach to his music, where he gives us just enough to leave us wanting more. This is evidently true in his release “When She Falls”, Sam Varga keeps a steady country feeling but spices things up with some electronica just to keep things fresh for us - just a little taste of how he likes to fuse genres and introduce styles, polka, however, is not currently on Sam Varga's list but who knows. Sam Varga's addiction to songwriting post his move to Nashville has already begun to start paying off, Sam is already getting ready to give us something new to think about, with his upcoming album, and a few music videos, and upcoming shows, we’ll have plenty of Sam Varga content to keep us entertained in 2020.

Listen to "When She Falls" here.