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Artist Of The Day: Evol Walks Talks New Album & More!

Los Angeles-based five-piece rock band Evol Walks has been together since January 2014. Fronted by lead vocalist and songwriter Leah Martin-Brown, Evol Walks truly began in Austalia. The fiery-haired songstress has been writing songs since she was young, and eventually realized her true passion at age 21. She packed up and moved to Los Angeles to officially form Evol Walks. 

Now in 2019, Evol Walks has been making its name known around the globe. Early this year in January, Evol Walks released their debut full-length album, “Our Time Is Now” that features 7-tracks of Evol Walks heavy authentic rock sound. To follow up the album, the hard-hitting rock collective released a dark, yet brilliant, music video in April 2019 to match “The Fire” off of the album. The visuals alone garnered over 12k views on Youtube. 

With undeniable success, Evol Walks was more driven than ever this summer, releasing not one but two singles! July 2019, listeners and fans saw the release of “Tear It Down”, and in August 2019 was followed up by rock anthem “Death Of Me”. Evol Walks is currently working on another EP, and is headed to Vegas to play a show Oct 5th! We can’t get enough of Leah Martin-Brown and Evol Walks and we’re looking forward to hearing more! 

Listen to Evol Walks’ music here and keep scrolling for our interview below! 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Evol Walks! What have you been up to since your last release of “Death Of Me”?

Thank you! We have been back in the studio with our Producer, Brian Howes, writing material for the upcoming record!

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your song “Tear It Down”?

Tear it Down isn't inspired by one specific person or musical influence. I wrote it purely because I was fucking angry. I don't agree with what is happening politically both here and in my home country and I'm angry at the blatant disregard for our planet and our future. That is essentially what 'Tear it Down' is about so I really can't answer the exact question being asked. I just wanted it to sound big and angry and get my message across. I wasn't really pulling from my influences at the time.

What are some of your ultimate goals as a group? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

We have been in and out of studios since 2016 now and playing locally around LA. This year we have started branching out to surrounding areas like Las Vegas but we really want to get back out on the road. It has been almost 5 years since we last toured and that is just too damn long in my opinion! We have a few things in the works but we can't chat about that until the ink is dry.

In the 5 years that Evol Walks has been making music together, what has been the most memorable moment or achievement you’ve experienced together? What are you most proud of? 

I'm really proud of everything we've achieved so far but I'd say the most surreal moment was playing the Main Stage at Polish Woodstock in front of 250,000 people! That was pretty incredible!

What are you most looking forward to about touring throughout the Fall and Winter? Where is your favorite place to perform at?

We actually had a change of plans- our final show for the year will be October 31st at Lucky Strike in Hollywood as our Drummer has been called to Europe for a tour with Edge of Paradise. We are trying to lock in a tour at the beginning of next year when we have our new record out and about.

As for favourite place? I love Cherry Bar in Melbourne Australia, Bar Anchor in Stockholm Sweden and (of course) the Viper Room and Lucky Strike in Hollywood!

What's next for Evol Walks?

Writing and recording and more writing and more recording :)



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