Artist of the Day: Dario Margeli

Dario Margeli released his first single in 2011 featuring Florida-based guitar player Hugh Williams. Having lived in California he moved to Europe permanently after the dot com crash crisis. Some of his songs are sung in English and some in Italian. One of his songs has appeared in a Benetton advertising campaign. When he initially took on music instruments, his musical teaching was based on rhythm heavy music, such as late 70's and early 80's funk bands. However, by the time 2011 arrived and he wanted to create his own music, motivational and spiritual teachings in the lyrics had to be prioritized. This has made the music be more flexible and not so much focused on beats. The lyrics are never about love or relationships. Instead of the typical lyrics, his songs provide something to take away with you. Many great musicians have worked on his recordings. The song "When your brain lies to you" has synthesizer work from a producer based in Poland. The lyrics about how you must question your thoughts for evidence are set to a synthwave atmosphere. The song appears on the album Electronic available on Spotify featuring many other great producers.

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