Artist Of The Day: Ervin Mitchell

After getting his Bachelors degree in Philosophy at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ervin experienced a dark period of depression and disillusionment. He credits music and a journey of self discovery for helping him heal. What Ervin Mitchell discovered along his road to recovery is the "power of the mind to shape and share our own reality". That's the message he conveys in his songs and the data show's it's resonating with people from all types of cultures and regions! With his new EP release, titled “Let There Be Light”, Ervin focuses his attention on delivering his motives and projecting his positive energy onto his listeners. One of the lyrics that stood out to me was “Turn a No into a maybe”. I like it so much because it’s basically telling us to not accept failure. Once we mentally tell ourselves to stop obtaining defeat and change our internal thinking process we can succeed way more in life. I love how the lyricism aligns with Ervin’s brand. The conscious thinking vibe to him is super dope and unique to his artistry. Not only does Ervin stand for great values, his flow capability and witty hooks creates an entire superstar package sealed and sent to every listener who gets a glimpse of him and who he is as an artist. You can listen to his EP “Let There Be Light” . Listen here!

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