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Artist of the Day JRtheBand Has Desire and Potential to Relay His Messages!

JRtheBand has been connected to music from the earliest memory he's capable of remembering. It's amicable that as an artist, JRtheBand remains honest and consistent with his music, ensuring that what he's sharing with his listeners is as authentic as it can get. In terms of JRtheBand's songwriting process, his inspiration stems from life itself, and he strives to reach his listeners in a spirited way. In 2019 releases such as "Stray Dog", JRtheBand incorporates indie/alternative genres, but also ensures the blend of rock elements. This collective combination executes itself well with the integrated instrumentals, and ultimately, the voice of JRtheBand prevails. 

Diving into more tracks released by JRtheBand in 2019, we come across "Spirits in the Shed". This track offers up a lively country presence with hard rock elements. JRtheBand really elevated his vocal outflow with this release. You can feel the fun JRtheBand must've been having while listening to the track. If you're wanting a more bustling and refreshing track to listen to from JRtheBand, "Spirits in the Shed" should be your first pick! In general, we've found JRtheBand to be a multi-faceted artist that appeals to a wide category of music. His flexibility to go back and forth between soundings was what attracted our attention, wholeheartedly. We're hoping that we continue to listen to more tracks from JRtheBand in 2020. We know that the potential for elevation is completely there on JRtheBand's end, and so we're intrigued to see how he'll grow his artistry further. 

Listen to JRtheBand & his music here!


Hi there JRtheBand! Congratulations on all releases within 2019! It was definitely a great year for you and your music, to say the least. Looking back now, what are some of your favorite highlights from 2019 pertaining to your artistic career?

The song that has the most special place in my heart is "Live my Grace". I wrote the music after losing my mom to her battle with cancer in hospice care and learning one very important lesson: The body is connected to the soul via millions of balloons on strings. When the final string holding the last balloon to our body snaps, the soul floats away leaving its broken body behind. Love and Memory make up the connective tissue linking departed souls to the living in mysterious ways to let us know they are okay. It took me a full 8 years to write and release this song, and it was the first song I'd ever written lyrically. Writing the lyrics to Live my Grace was so cathartic for me, that it started an unstoppable wave of songwriting for me ever since. While I released six songs in 2019, I know my mom is with me whenever I hear Live my Grace, so to get that out was definitely the highlight for me.

"Spirits in the Shed" was one of our personal favorites. It was a type of sounding that lifted our spirits almost immediately. What was your hope for your listeners to get out of this particular track? I was at my buddy Rick’s annual holiday party. Old friends - college buddies who I had only seen on social media over the last few years - started showing up. Rick has a man cave in his backyard in the form of a shed. We went into the shed to hang out and laugh about old times. I joked it was like partying with ghosts. And the song, “Spirits in the Shed” was born. So I guess you could say I'd like the listener to feel like reaching out to some friends they've only digitally seen in a long while, arrange to meet, and give 'em a real kiss and a hug, or just a bro-hug, or whatever you're comfortable with!! :)

In 2019, were there any artistic transformations you believe you've had?

I don't know if it was a transformation as much as a water stop on a marathon, but it was about getting in touch with why I write - which hit me that, for me, writing is an outlet for exposing vulnerability without having to be too literal. So I've learned to become attuned to my inner devil's advocate when it's telling me subjects and themes are sounding too literal in my songwriting and then trusting that inner feedback to improve my songwriting. 

What direction do you see your main sounding taking off to in 2020? Or, can we expect the same familiar-sounding we receive now?!

More songs! My plan is to keep writing and recording songs until I can't write anymore, or I end up licensing my catalog, whichever comes first :) Goal is to release a song a month until then, so press play early and often.

Your voice is able to produce a variety of sounds, making some aspects of your sound almost contrasting to another. What would you say you would classify yourself as genre-wise, and what kind of elements do you find pivotal to the overall sounding of JRtheBand?

You called it - My style is "eclectic" because I am inspired by so many genres. The best way I can describe my music is to tell you I write rock anthems that make you think about you and me - where you are not necessarily a person and me can either be me or you ;)

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic JRtheBand! We hope to hear more from you in the time to come. For now, is there any information you can share about 2020 for JRtheBand?

Please head over to and sign up on the contact list to be notified of future releases and add JRtheBand on your favorite streaming site! Follow JRtheBand on Instagram @jrtheband and also follow the hashtag #areleaseamonth thank you BuzzMusic!


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