Artist Of The Day: JSY Releases New Song "Ain't Her"

Born and raised in Manitoba, CA, JSY is a unique artist who is the perfect combination of R&B and Hip-Hop. As an accomplished singer/songwriter, JSY blends his enticing harmonies and passionate lyrics with utmost agility. With tons of experience under his belt, JSY has collaborated with an impressive assortment of artists, and has his song “Fame" featured on local radio stations such as 104.7 Heart FM.

JSY recent release of “Ain’t Her” is a song that fuses together eclectic melodies with diversified vocals, creating just the type of ambiance needed for this track. “Ain’t Her” begins with a psychedelic beat, followed by vocals, where JSY sings about a lost love that could never compare to anyone else. JSY expresses the desperation he feels in absence of the one he loves, and demonstrates his skills and talent through ultimately delving into the painful reality of heartbreak. “Ain’t Her” puts a twist on JSY’s music, as it blends together techno rhythms with an R&B lyrical feel—a combination we never knew we were missing out on, but so clearly were.

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