Artist of the Day: Maya Rae Gives a Smooth and Sultry Performance in New Song "Freedom Fighter"

Are you in need of a sizzling, alluring, and methodical vocal performance? Maya Rae is undoubtedly the artist for you. As a Canadian Blues/Soul artist, Maya Rae has truly nurtured her sound to become a genuine collection of refreshing vocals. The jazzy production aids to help create an engaging atmosphere. This type of stimulating environment is easily understood by listeners. Maya Rae has performed across Canada at numerous Canadian jazz festivals, as well as making a surprise performance at the Canadian Music Week showcase concert in Toronto. Maya Rae is loved for her latest album, 'Can You See Me' currently debuting.

There's a familiar old-school style to Maya Rae's latest work, "Freedom Fighter". This production approach manifests throughout the track and is also seen in her vocalizations. Bringing a heavy sense of soul to the Jazz/Blues category, Maya Rae has explicitly expressed her refined vocal persona gracefully in "Freedom Fighter". We found that when we first listened to "Freedom Fighter", we became so immersed in the atmosphere that we were completely distracted from the intended message in the song. On the second play, we became absorbed by the storyline. Maya Rae plays with the lyrics in order to bring a textured narrative to listeners. Maya Rae’s voice is seasoned and polished, and yet, still contains an incredibly raw element. It's clear to us that Maya Rae has effectively structured her sound over the years, and "Freedom Fighter" proves it. As an artist who consistently releases new music, she clearly has a bright future.

Check out Maya Rae and her song "Freedom Fighter" here.