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Artist of the Day: Soraia

Soraia is bold, explosive and in your face! They epitomize raw power, unrelenting energy, chaos, and freedom. Soraia delivers an exciting live show. A live show that’s frenetic, and intensively interactive. The band's chemistry cut over several years of fierce, relentless touring, from the dingiest dive bar to the most massive amphitheater - attracting a worldwide fanbase along the way. Soraia has been featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2017 for best performance, solidifying their professionalism and establishing a secure brand for themselves as a band. the band now has eight singles and three studio albums in heavy rotation on SiriusXM - as well as international commercial radio success. Soraia didn’t just stop there! They opened up for various rock legends and Hall of Famers including Bon Jovi, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Marky Ramone, as well as Wolfmother, Sixx A.M., Tyler Bryant, and The Shakedown, and more.

Not only has this increasingly popular band opened up for these acts but they’ve also touched a songwriting credit on some of these legends records! They've co-written songs with Jon Bon Jovi and Little Steven Van Zandt. They've opened festivals, including Summerfest, 93.3 MMR-B-Q, and smaller festivals worldwide. Wondering what’s next for Soraia? Their next album Dig Your Roots releases in March 2020 under the Wicked Cool Records/The Orchard label partnership, and already is being called the "road to garage-rock salvation" by David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine. See them on the road to fame!

Listen to Soraia here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Soraia! Tell us about the formation of your band. How did Soraia come together?

We came together organically and keep growing and evolving. Right now, the members have changed since our inception as we keep growing and connecting with new players who fit the next level and phase of where we are going. I think I came up with the idea for starting my own thing many years ago, in 2nd grade to be honest. But it took until 12 years ago to start pursuing it full time.

Let’s talk about your song “EverGreen”! What was the creative process behind this record?

This was one of the first songs written for the album we're releasing in March 2020. My co-writer played this riff that became the verses and said he heard this drumbeat like "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys as the drum part. when I listened, I immediately heard a teasing -- kind of playful and simple riff -- it brought the lyrics easily to mind. I had been watching "Black Snake Moan" (the movie) and heard this line that the main female character "had the devil in her", and that always conjured up this Old South feeling for me, so I wanted to put that in the front end of the song. Give it that old story vibe. From then on, the story is sarcastically told through the song--with a sometimes kind of playful and teasing attitude, and sometimes aggressive and frustrated tone. It really felt freeing and gave the speaker the power back she didn't feel she had in the first place.

How would you detail the songwriting approach towards “EverGreen”?

What was the most challenging aspect for you in creating “EverGreen” and why? I think being honest in your songwriting, while free, can also be super difficult and emotional. This story was very personal to me, and I had to almost remove myself from it in order to tell it the way I wanted to--to fit the mood of the music. That was the most challenging because I was going through it while writing it and saying things I didn't feel I could say in my actual life.

How was it opening up for some major Rock N Roll greats?

I mean, it's amazing opening for your idols. It's an unreal feeling, but it's a reality when you are really going for it. I've come to be surprised when we get the gig, but just know it's inevitable when you keep going. It's an honor and a privilege to be able to play in front of women and men who have been performing all their lives. It's what I want to do and be, too, so I watch them closely and how they perform, use their energy, and engage the audience. It's nothing short of magic.

What are you looking forward to most in 2020 Soraia?

Our new album releasing into the world. It's called "Dig Your Roots" and I'm incredibly proud of our work on it, and think people will really dig it, too.



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