Artist of the Day: Stella Prince & Her Flowing Track "That Way"

Pop artist Stella Prince, hailing from New York’s Hudson Valley, is smashing it in the music scene with her recent releases. Stella has won the Creative Communications Poetry Contest three times, which made complete sense once listening to one of her songs and its entirety. She has an incredibly soft touch to her sound and incorporates high-pitch vocals to mimick that airy and angelic feel. With her most recent release "That Way" out in the music scene, listeners are able to get a peek at Stella's artistry and ultimate musical vision.

Stella has an airy aspect to her voice that makes the melody completely enchanting. "That Way" is a track that will definitely pull on your heartstrings when listening to it in its entirety. Stella Prince embeds a charming, yet painful story within "That Way", which exposes a vulnerable and innocent side of Stella and her life. The programming of her track complements the energy Stella gives off. The predominant melody is a collection of guitar chords, with soft programming to elevate the rhythm of the guitar.

In its entire composition, "That Way" feels whimsical and light, ultimately making our senses relax. Stella Prince killed it again with this release, and we’re excited to see what her music will sound like in the future!

Listen to "That Way" by Stella here.


Can you tell us more about the songwriting process for this track, and how it felt to write it beginning to end?

When I wrote "That Way", I think it came to me in about ten minutes. Sometimes when I write a song I just make myself do it. Even if I'm not in the mood I know I have to write a song every day because it's important for developing my process. So it was one of those days when I didn't want to write a song, but after playing my guitar for a few minutes the idea came and I wrote the whole song down immediately. It is such a strange experience but many of my best songs have come out that way. 

It's clear that "That Way" encompassed a genuine story. Are you able to shed some light on our readers on what "That Way" was predominantly trying to communicate? This song is predominantly about loss. Most of my songs are about someone who is dealing with a hard relationship, not necessarily with a partner, and heartbreak. The first song I ever wrote was a song about losing my dog when I was nine years old. Six years later, I am still dealing with that type of story about loss and incorporating it into my music. At fifteen, my experience with love is not about a partner. But love is love, and heartbreak is universal. The pain of losing anyone is hard at any age. 

If you ever face a creative block with writing, what's your remedy to get yourself back on track? Was writing "That Way" effortless, or did it require a lot of backtracking? "That Way" was completely effortless to compose. Ten minutes after taking out my guitar I had a song, which is an amazing feeling. Whenever I am trying to write music and feel stuck I take my notebook to someone whose opinion I trust and ask for feedback. I'll ask what they think the song is about and if there is clarity in what I am trying to say. Advice on lyrics (I usually never have a problem with the melody)  helps considerably and I try to be open to input. But most of the time it is a matter of just doing it, allowing myself to write a ton of bad songs in order to get the next one I'm really happy with.

Your track record within music thus far is incredible! How does it feel to have all of these accomplishments so far within your artistic career? I do enjoy being called "up and coming" at such an early age, and now that I am starting to earn some real recognition it is very exciting. I recently found out that I was just accepted into the New York Songwriters Circle Singer/Songwriter Showcase at The Bitter End in New York City next June 2020. I am really looking forward to experiencing that, and have a few other projects in the wings. I will keep you updated!

What are the next steps for you artistically and personally? Well, I'm planning to be performing more over this next year and am looking forward to reaching a wider audience. I think the New York music scene is an amazing place for up-and-coming musicians, and I am looking forward to experiencing that community. I have a feeling performing at The Bitter End next spring will open up some doors for sure and I'm thrilled for the opportunity.

What can we expect to hear from you in 2020, Stella? Over the next year, I plan to get my name out there. I'm hoping to have the opportunity to record an album in the future, and will be working towards that goal in the months to come. I have a lot of songs that feel ready to go. I'm thrilled that people are already responding to my music in such a positive way, and I'm excited to see this positive energy continue to grow.