Artist Of The Day: Stephen Dusenberry Releases Captivating New Song "Fools Gold"

Stephen Dusenberry released an exciting song with multiple elements that makes it a smasher! The song titled “Fools Gold” seems to complement the title very well, the richness of the instruments being played is just significantly a metaphorical example of striking gold! The song sounds like a party from start to finish! Without any dull moments, “Fools Gold” knows exactly how to keep your excitement level on ten and energy at a consistent all time high. The song immediately begins with the striking drum set before the soulful and powerful instruments simultaneously transition in. With a nice dance break in the middle of the song, we can easily enjoy a solo celebration or a dance party with our friends while listening to this charismatic single. With the song being purely instrumental, it doesn’t defeat the vibrancy this song exudes. The most noticeable instruments I heard in "Fools Gold", were the keyboard, trumpets, drums and saxophone. If you're looking for a timeless and uplifting song to listen to check out Stephen Dusenberry's new song "Fools Gold" and be sure to add it to your favorite playlist!

You can check out “Fools Gold” and connect with Stephen Dusenberry on his social media where you can follow his journey and be on the lookout for the next sensational jam he has to offer us!

You received your first gig at only four years old! Do you have any memory on how nerve wracking that may have been?

One afternoon, I’m playing the drums at my grandmas when this guy

knocks on her door asking to speak with the drummer about joining his

band.  She insisted I wasn't what he was looking for, but he just wouldn't

let it go.  So, I come downstairs, and much to his surprise - I'm 4 years

old!  I was super excited-- I mean common it would have been my first

real gig!  Unfortunately, no fake ID would make me pass for 21, plus load

time was way past my bedtime. Also… my grandma said no. 

Mind naming all the instruments you’re skilled at?

No matter where you look, I’m always listed as a drummer—and that’s

totally cool since it’s the foundation of my music. However, once I got

more involved as a composer, I realized I needed to bring more than neat

little drum parts to the table. Since guys like Stevie Wonder and Prince

were playing everything on their records, I figured that’s just what you did

so I taught myself how to play piano, guitar, bass guitar and how to

program synthesizers. Eventually, I wanted more depth to my music, so I

learned the Saxophone and Trumpet for writing horn arrangements.

How difficult was it to create Fool’s Gold?

I always start with the drums since it gives me a strong foundation to build

on. When I did commercial pop remixes, I always played to a click track

since the beat needs to be totally straight. With Fool’s Gold, I really

wanted an old school, organic vibe, so I recorded the drums without a click

track to let the song breathe like those soul records from the 60’s and

70’s. Once I had the basic parts recorded, I used old fashioned elbow

grease to polish the song. For example, the horns were added at the very

last minute!

What’s special in your opinion about instrumental tracks, rather than music with lyrics and vocals?

I think instrumental music allows all listeners freedom to interpret my

music with open emotions, have shared experiences with each other and opens up

more conversations.

What's upcoming for you?

Well, plans are for an EP to come out in early 2019 with a full-length LP to

be released later in the year.

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