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New Music Friday: Tenna Showcases Her Brand New EP "Silver Storm"

When it comes to recognizing greatness, some artists just outshine like the stars they were meant to be. In the case of Tenna, she went from talent competition star to a rising icon in the music industry! All the way from Mississauga Ontario, Tenna is slowly but surely creating a major name for herself and this is why we felt it was an honor to highlight this upcoming legend before it all happens!

Tenna grew up listening to her father sing and play Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ songs on guitar, which influenced her poetic songwriting. Tenna’s music can have a dark tone at times, while at the same time, being light in its imagery. Her incredible songwriting that includes lyrics hinting at personal experiences of abuse, love, and social issues, she’s your average girl who is a highly relatable individual both through her music and her character.

Tenna has an AMAZING upcoming EP titled “Silver Storm” and we can expect this project to live up to the standards she has set for herself as an artist so far. Tenna is gaining recognition fast! She dropped her single off this EP called “Silver Storm” and has accumulated over 100k views on youtube. She also dropped her second single titled “Skies. Tenna is destined for complete greatness. She doesn’t plan on stopping and the blooming of her career is only just the beginning!

You might like to tune into this artist now before everybody else does! I mean, who doesn’t like being one of the original fans? Listen to Silver Storm here and get to know more about Tenna below!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Tenna! How has performing at charity and school events helped prepare you for big stages and shows?

Hey BuzzMusic! Thanks for having me again. Performing at school events definitely showed me all that can go wrong in terms of technical difficulties so I've learned that soundcheck is extremely important no matter the size of the venue. Technical difficulties happen to everyone, but it's better to be as prepared as you can be! I feel like the most important thing about performing though is definitely always going back into that time in your life and really channeling those emotions. I'm really passionate about singing so no matter the size of the venue or show, I feel like I'll always be emotional on stage.

For you as an artist, what is your favorite part about performing and why?

My favourite part about performing is definitely the feeling I get when I sing. I'm a very emotional person so I really enjoy being able to channel that into my singing. Since I was little, singing just made me feel so much and when I sing into a microphone this feeling is amplified. It's amazing to be able to perform my original songs for people. It almost feels surreal when you show the world something so personal.

We hear you are working on a complete album! How exciting that is. Can you hint to our readers what we may expect out of this?

I'm beyond excited for my new project. This next album will represent my sound that I'm going for as an artist. It'll still be pop music, but I want this album to sound raw and original. I feel like this album is going to be completely authentic and emotional, and just very me. I can't wait to get back in the studio!

What has been the most challenging aspect transitioning from an EP to an album and how do you overcome the challenge?

Honestly, I think the challenge is really finding your sound as an artist, but I think it's a gradual process. I feel like I know who I am in terms of writing and singing, however, my sound is what I'm always working on discovering. Otherwise, I actually prefer releasing more music because I have a lot of different things I want to say and I don't like to limit myself to only a few songs.

Are there any specific arrangements from “Silver Storm” that we can expect in the new album?

There is a possibility of one or two songs from the EP being released as acoustic versions, but these will be separate from the new album. I feel like "Silver Storm" is one chapter of my life and the next album will be the next chapter.

What’s next for Tenna in 2020? We know you are bound to do amazing things!

My music video for "Why Didn't You?" will be released early next year, which I am so excited for. I can't wait for everyone to see this one. I have a great team I'm going to be working with and the message behind this video is super important. Also, this video is less of a performance video and more artistic so I'm really happy about that. I'm also going to be coming out with an album and doing some live shows where I'll probably be performing my EP and some of my new material as well.



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