Artist Of The Day: Toronto Pop Singer Christee Palace Releases New Single "Harden My Heart"

Christee Palace, a pop singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Windsor, Ontario Canada, was born into a musical family and musically inclined household! Christee’s father was a international major label artist who went on to open an elite private music school where he taught guitar to many successful Canadian artists including Jeff Martin of The Tea Party. With the professional guidance of her father, Christee began singing, playing piano, guitar and quickly developed a love for writing and performing at a young age. Growing up surrounded by musical influences and talent has worked out in Christee's favor as she released the fierce and dynamic single “Harden My Heart”. With a girl-power vibe, full range belts and a bold instrumental, Christee shows us why she’s the next pop diva on the rise. Her effervescent and vivacious vocals icing the cake with a tenacious attitude is all the right ingredients needed in fabricating a hit for all to enjoy! Detailed lyricism is just one of the many elements “Harden My Heart” is supplied with. In a way, it’s motivational and encouraging without losing its pop roots and trendy flare. You can check out “Harden My heart” here and follow Christee on her musical journey by connecting with her on social media.

Listen to Christee's new single "Harden My Heart".

Check out our exclusive interview with the upcoming Toronto artist! #BuzzMusicExclusive

Hi Christee, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Absolutely! Hi everyone! I'm Christee Palace, a pop singer/songwriter from Toronto Ontario! 

Who are some of your current favorite pop stars and why?

I have many pop artists/bands that I really dig, but I'll just name a few that I love currently: #BeaMiller, #BillieEilish, #TaylorSwift, #Lights, #Halsey, #BishopBriggs, #AlessiaCara... It's hard to narrow it down!

Mind describing your songwriting approach to our readers?

Songwriting is always an interesting process, and to be honest, it never happens the same way for me. Songwriting is an incredible outlet for creative minds and emotional hearts. For me, it always starts out after being triggered by something that is happening in my life that I need to get off my chest. Sometimes it starts from a simple word that replays in my head when I'm going through something, or it may be a phrase. Sometimes it will be the music that I hear first that truly sounds like what I am feeling, and the words flow out after. No matter what way the actual songwriting begins, I make sure that when my songs are being written, that they are authentic and actually capture what the song is about, and what it means to me. 

How would you lyrically interpret “Harden My Heart” do you feel as if this is more so a motivational type of single?

"Harden My Heart" was written at the perfect time for me. I originally wrote it after one experience I had where I finally just said "I need to guard my heart, and stop being so sensitive. I need to not let things emotionally effect me anymore." When I wrote the song, I wanted the chorus to be bold and almost like an anthem. I wanted it to sound like how I felt, which was fed up and tired of feeling helpless when it came to love, or anything else in life for that matter. I definitely think it turned into a motivational type of song in a sense-- I imagined the gang vocals in the chorus being the voices of everyone who has gone through what I have went through, and they were singing it along with me. The song was meant to give strength to those who may not have it. 

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind your career?

I honestly just want to be the type of artist that people can look at/listen to and say they can relate. I want to be that person, and that outlet for people when they are looking for songs to help them through what they are going through. If I can give strength to people through my music, and preach authenticity, that will fulfill me. 

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