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Artist Of The Day: UTE Tells Us All About New Music & Her Upcoming Documentary 'Music Makes Me Fly'

Ute is an incredibly talented and admirable singer/songwriter. She has worked with notable producers such as the late and great George Duke, Eric Kupper, Dieter Bohlen, and Kurt Wipfli to name a few. Ute has an impressive repertoire of music under her belt including a full-length album titled “Storyteller” released in 2018 and a collection of 10 Christmas songs titles “Christmas Joy” released in 2017. The dynamic songstress has amassed quite a following over the years through her sheer talented and vocal abilities. She’s been performing the national anthem at American football games for over eight years and has earned herself over 1.1 million Instagram followers and almost 90k Spotify monthly listeners. 

Ute’s 2019 releases including the heart-warming single “I’ll Stand By You”, and more recently “Music Makes Me Fly”, which takes the listener on an introspective journey through Ute’s connection with her music. Even more impressively, Ute’s creativity has no limits and she is currently working towards releasing a documentary titled “Music Makes Me Fly”. It’s no wonder that Ute has garnered so much success throughout her career, she is an incredible singer, performer, and artist. Her charisma shines through her music and she’s absolutely worth a listen and follow. Stay tuned for her upcoming documentary and musical endeavors! 

Listen to Ute’s new music here and read more about her in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Ute! It’s such a pleasure to have you back on BuzzMusic! We’ve been following your recent releases closely and we’re so excited about your upcoming documentary! What can you tell us about this project? How has the filming process been for you? 

The name of the documentary is like my latest single UTE: Music makes me fly. A film team, muttproductions, was following me this year on stages performing as well as making new videos, recording songs, a little bit of my private life in Germany and in the United States of America, San Antonio Texas. It was so great. I had two red carpets events, tv interviews as well, all following by cameras. Amazon prime will release the documentary end of march 2020.

Your most recent single “Music Makes Me Fly” is incredibly uplifting and powerful! What inspired you to originally write this song? 

When I sing I always have the feeling I could soar. To fly along with the melodies into the sky.

Another one of your releases this year was “I’ll Stand By You” which we thoroughly enjoyed! With two singles released in 2019, can your fans expect a longer project or upcoming album release?

October 22nd is the date! Save the date! My new album will be released call Life‘s a journey

It’s so incredible that you’ve been performing to national anthem all these years! Do you ever get nervous before performing for larger crowds? How do you maintain composure? 

Deep breathing, concentrate on what I like to give to my audience and just jump on stage. That’s what I live for

Thank you so much for chatting with us once again! We’re huge fans of you at BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers what the future has in store for you artistically?

Well, as I mentioned before the new album, maybe a single before Christmas, then the soundtrack to the documentary, several trailers before the documentary, a Live DVD Concert and so on. Thank you and to all my fans!


Connect with the artist, and keep updated with her latest activity and recent releases via her Youtube!


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