Artist Of The Week: Forest Robots

Francisco Dominguez is the Los Angeles based composer behind Forest Robots. The idea for Forest Robots evolved over a period of several years, beginning vaguely during Dominguez’s travels to the legendary Mountain Range of Sierra Nevada. There he was inspired by the natural landscapes to compile a collection of photos and narratives of his experiences, which then inspired the composing of the music adding the final ingredient to Forest Robots. Following the birth of his daughter, Dominguez was driven to use this art to teach her about the beauty and importance of nature. Following the critical success of the debut album “Supermoon Moonlight Part One” earlier this year, Dominguez returns with the follow up album "Timberline and Mountain Crest" and the first single from the album "Through The Trees And Into Wide Open Landscapes".

The single holds surprise elements alongside sticking to the artist norm. It immediately begins placing you into an atmospheric setting with its cinematic intro. The song starts to climax you into relaxation where you absorb in the landscape sounding fx and feel the sensation from the music enter your ears, transforming your mood into something more content and peaceful. It continues to breathe life and serenity into us as the song progresses with classic synthesizers from the older era of music. Finishing off the song is the augmented sound fx of nature where you feel completely lost in a dream-like state. You feel like you’re floating inside the song as if Forest Robots musically hypnotized you. It’s a feeling I’ve never received from a song before and it was oddly exciting!

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