Artist On The Rise: Babylung With New Track "Easy, Love"

19 years old, fresh and talented.. Babylung released an eclectic, full-toned bop for everyone to get lost in the fusion and funk of the song, titled "Easy, Love" Babylung gives you a dream-like, danceable groove with witty lyrics that’s repeatable and even good for your social media captions! The whole aesthetic of the song is one of my personal favorites. It’s that specific sound and vibe that just takes me to another place while listening to it. It’s carefree, it’s the feeling of letting loose and just being content and relaxed in the moment. I’d like to thank Babylung for giving us this easeful art. You can tell he spent quality and careful effort in producing this as he’s also not only a singer but an engineer as well!

Producing your own music is very difficult to do and we commend Babylung for being able to produce something that has a timeless feel to it and an marketable taste. "Easy, Love" has that mixture of mellow and upbeat giving you a balanced instrumental that perfectly blends in with the tone of his voice. Not only is he a singer!, Babylung also raps and said that he found his niche within music after listening to Kendrick Lamar which inspired him to freestyle! He currently resides in Toronto, Canada studying at Billboard's #6 Top Music School and I can tell you right now that he will not be unfamiliar with anything titled Billboard in his future career!

Listen to "Easy, Love" on Spotify.

Production by: Ben McDuffie