Artist On The Rise: New York R&B Artist James Dante Releases New Album "Uncovered"

If you're looking for a new album and artist to have on repeat this fall, you don't need to look any further. We have found your new music obsession! The upcoming and rising R&B artist, James Dante is turning heads around the country with the release of his new album "Uncovered". Following his album "Adult Swim" the New York artist shows he is not playing around with his latest release. His album touches on love, heartbreak and coming to terms and unveiling your darkest sides. If you've ever been in love, if you've ever gotten lost in what the night has to offer whether that be drugs, sex, or alcohol.. James is touching on topics that any listener can relate to. Everything about the James Dante is unique. His vocals throughout the album have a classic R&B vibe, yet his tone is distinct and different with a masculine rooted flare. This is quality we find very important and it's one of the most rare to come across with modern mainstream music. Think about artists like #KayneWest or #ChildishGambino, once you hear their voice - you immediately know who the artist is.

"Uncovered" will take you on a musical journey. The track titled "Game Over" is a great example of how diverse of a artist James is. The song has a electronic video game styled beat that's joined with hip hop vibes. He pulls you into the music with the hook "My heat is not a game, but you played me so well " and naturally transitions the song into powerhouse anthem breaking out riffs and raps, keeping you on your feet not knowing what will be coming next. The raw emotion fills with every song on the album. James released his music video for "T.Y.B" (Take Your Bitch). "T.Y.B" is a full forced hip hop banger, that will make you get up and dance. The song has a dark, sexy tone which creates a sensual vibe throughout. The music video is like watching a short film, mixing in cool unique film edits, beautiful models and Jame's cool bad boy attitude. James Dante's artist, personal image and creative vision are turning heads in the music industry and in the social media world. James Dante is bound to break into the mainstream music world in the next coming months. We feel lucky enough to have discovered his music before he blows up around the world.

James Dante's new album "Uncovered" is available now on all of your favorite music platforms.

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