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Artist on the Rise: Stay on the Lookout for Skip Waiters

Born in Toronto and raised in the suburbs of Brampton, ON, Canada, Skip Waiters finds his joy in being able to create catalogs of musical artistry reflecting his experiences growing up in the city. As a talented rapper and thought-provoking lyricist, Skip Waiters has previously been featured on BuzzMusic for his debut single “TAMAGOTCHI FREESTYLE” and we were hooked on this artist. Crafting his abilities from the ground up, Waiters taught himself how to produce, write and curate his own sound using original progressions with no samples. Through the years, as he developed as an artist, Waiters made his debut this year and hasn’t looked back. His self-produced, 7-track demo “Myspace” depicts an era when the popular website gave artists a platform to share individual and memorable new music. Skip Waiters aims to take his listeners on a journey of ambition, dedication, and perseverance. From start to finish the entire project presents engaging concepts and innovative lyricism. With beautifully honest track,s like “Moma.”, Skip Waiters proves his versatility and wears his heart on his sleeve. While tracks like “Hit My Line” provide that late-night hip-hop banger. Either way, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be vibing along with Skip Waiters on this demo! 

Listen to Skip Waiter's music here

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Skip Waiters! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again. You seem to be an artist that puts a substantial amount of thought into your lyrics! Who/what has inspired you to be the artist you are today? 

To be honest,  I was sitting on the passenger side in my mom's whip listening to the radio and I just had a thought that music nowadays sucks, I should just make my own music because I figured I’d only make what I like. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for the iPhone & GarageBand, lol that changed my life. But I grew up listening to artists like N.E.R.D, Kanye, Cudi, Afta-1, and Dilla so I think a lot of my sonics are inspired by people like them. I listen to a lot of sounds, but I would say it definitely started from there.

"Hit My Line" is an energizing and refreshing song. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?  

Honestly, I was listening to a lot of Nakel Smith, track 1 on ‘Twothousand Nakteen’ was my shit! I was trying to recreate that energy from my own perspective.

“Moma” seems like a deeply personal track. Is vulnerability something your fans can always expect from your music? Can you tell us more about this particular song?

Definitely, I can only create from a real place… MoMA was the conclusion to the idea of MySpace, it needed to feel pure & childlike so the lyrics are intentionally repetitive & simple like a child. This is the first song I attempted to sing on, even though that's not my arena, I said fuck it, imperfection is perfect. The chords are nostalgic like a score, almost as if you're taking a trip down memory lane, my mom was my muse she’s a work of art to me, it was easy to create that feeling when thinking about her.

We know that you're a lover of integrating a variety of elements into your music. Would you ever incorporate contrasting genres into your music, or do you think it would ruin the type of sound you're attempting to reach? 

Not at all, I think some of the best music comes from fusing genres that wouldn’t typically go together. It’s a direction I’m heading towards. I’m a child of the Neptunes so it only makes sense lol

“Myspace” is a really incredible new record! What was the overall concept of this project? Do you think it has hit your listeners with the impact you intended?

Appreciate it! The concept was based on, music was more original back in that era, everyone had their own individuality & wasn’t recycling what’s hot for the moment. I discovered Tyler & Cudi from that site… people upload tracks from polished songs to demo’s & it was a vibe. I wanted to give the world my demo. I think it’s a concept that will take more time to understand but the love is definitely more than expected.

Thank you so much for chatting with us. If you had to choose one song on the demo to capture who you are as an artist, which song would you choose and why?

Well this was just a demo, lets save that question for 2020 lol



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