Artist Spotlight: Aiden Jay’s Latest Lo-Fi Release Has Our Attention

Do you ever listen to a record and think about how great of an experience that was? Aiden Jay does this elegantly in his latest release “Black Fila”, it has that mesmerizing touch that keeps you wanting more.

It becomes clear while listening to “Black Fila” that Aiden is more than just a rapper, he is a poet that writes deep personal lyrics that we found ourselves quickly connecting with. His music has a really sophisticated lo-fi vibe to it that is incredibly relaxing and calming too, especially in “Black Fila”, it has that touch that makes it feel polished. “Black Fila” is more than just a song, it’s a redemption story of Aiden moving past his old mistakes and becoming someone better.

Aiden is now working towards releasing his debut album 'Rest In Peace’ and soon will be dropping a tour schedule once it will be allowed. After listening to “Black Fila” we are incredibly excited about what is to come in the next chapter of Aiden’s musical journey. Be sure to check out “Black Fila” here. #BUZZMUSIC