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Artist Spotlight: Alexa Marino is Inspiring Listeners With Her Latest Release

After spending 20 years dedicated to studying her flawless vocal technique, New York City-based singer-songwriter, and performer Alexa Marino stuns listeners with her latest release, 'Laid Bare,' fresh off her debut album.

Marino comes from a musical background that has helped her cultivate her unique versatile sound, pulling from her Soul, Indie, and Pop influences.

Her debut album, ‘Laid Bare,’ is a beautiful combination of not only her talents but also the talents of established musician, producer, and co-writer Alex Hayes. This album gracefully displays themes of love, loss, hope, and restlessness. There is a wonderful elegance that the minimalistic instrumentation gives this release.

Marino wants this album to be a symbol of inner strength to those who are struggling with self-love, women in particular.

In an interview with BuzzMusic, she said “Even if only a handful of people listen to my music, if just one of them feels empowered by my songs then I would call that a success.” We think that everyone who listens to this album will find strength in its messaging.

Discover more about Alexa Marino, here.



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