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Artist Spotlight: Alexis Lynn Will Get You up and Moving With Her Lively Pop Style

Alexis Lynn is finally back again with her urban pop stylings. As an elusive and dynamic artist, Alexis Lynn strives to provide an escape for her listeners with her vibrant sound. As a Canadian artist, Alexis Lynn pours all of her emotionality into her music. She gives her full energy into her music, and we found this to especially be the case with her one previously featured single, "Circles". "Circles" was the one track we saw from Alexis Lynn that gave us a real sense of what she had to offer artistically. Although Alexis Lynn gives off that natural pop sound, she has a multitude of vocal ranges as well as inspiration to pour into her music.

The last time we caught up with Alexis Lynn, we delved into the realities of the artist's music. Alexis Lynn writes from her own personal and vulnerable experiences, allowing for that bond between artist and listener to become established. The music of Alexis Lynn holds different kinds of perspectives, and it's easy to say that many of us have probably felt the emotions Alexis Lynn describes within her songs. That's what we believe makes the artist so personable and full of life--her ability to naturally share her feelings and thoughts gracefully and authentically. We're excited about what Alexis Lynn has to bring throughout the rest of 2020 because we know the artist is in full gear to release a string of singles.

Connect with Alexis Lynn and her music here.


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