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Artist Spotlight: All The Locals

All The Locals; an Atlanta-based, rock and roll group creates soulful grooves with their heartfelt lyrics in the new single “Blown Away.”

The infectious melodies created by this group paired with the soothing baseline and magnetic vocals create an excursion set in their piece where they hope for listeners to make the best of whatever situation life throws their way.

All The Locals mentioned in an interview that because of the ongoing pandemic, their single “Blown Away” can apply more than ever as listeners have to find ways to live authentically and apply what they have learned as they continue to move forward. In the end, all the good and bad times get “Blown Away,” which they truly portrayed within their sound and soulful grooves.

The infectious and bliss-filled atmosphere exhibited within this track sets it apart so make sure to listen to “Blown Away” by All The Locals to get a taste of Atlanta’s real image and sound.



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