Artist Spotlight: Alt-Rock Project Men’s Apparel is Set to Release a Mountain of New Material

Coming at us hot with a mountain of upcoming material, Men’s Apparel is an Alternative-Rock project based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The project’s sole member Nick Korzi is in charge of songwriting, production, and arranging for each release. Influenced by the likes of Lee Hazelwood, Scott Walker, and Lana Del Rey, the signature sound of Men’s Apparel is a serene and haunting melancholy. As an individual member, Nick holds high importance on accountability throughout his curative process. He tends to begin by coming up with instrumentals and melodies, before slowly layering in the beat and extra sounds.

When songwriting, Korzi draws inspiration from his personal experiences, while still striving to be universal for his diverse audience. His alluring, low vocals paired with his charming soundscapes, often create a melancholic atmosphere for his music. Nick Korzi continues to work towards his big plans for the future of Men’s Apparel. He plans to release an acoustic video series and a debut EP before the end of the year and has even more plans for 2021. We look forward to hearing what else Men’s Apparel has to offer.

Learn more about Men's Apparel here.