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Artist Spotlight: Austin Riddle Shows Us What Versatility Means in Music

Creator of the sonic experience "Personal," Austin Riddle is the type of artist who refuses to box himself into one genre. Growing up, he did not limit himself to one practice and instead focused on developing his music proficiency in songwriting, vocals, and production. He's the type of artist that can incorporate flavors of R&B, Hip-Hop, and 80s Pop into one savory concoction.

As he continues to grow his musical diversity by collaborating with artists from various genres, Austin Riddle has proved to his fans that he will never slow down. Through his songwriting, Austin Riddle can hook fans with a simple motif in the chorus, all while delving into the complexities of the human mind during his verses. Advocating for the trends of 2020, Austin Riddle addresses the importance of staying true to yourself – even if that means cutting out the toxic people in your life.

His recent single "Personal" is a message to others not to "take it personally" as he focuses on his grind for a moment. Austin Riddle's songwriting has a way of lifting his fans' hopes and validating the feelings that so many people experience.

Read more with Austin Riddle here.

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