Artist Spotlight: Australian Indie-Pop Artist Jaxn Faw Fixates His Listeners

Australian indie-pop artist Jaxn Faw fixates listeners on every small detail in his new single “Till The End”. The soothing melody encompasses the classic sincere love for a special someone while still standing out due to his lyrical abilities. As mentioned in interviews, Faw released this track leading up to his anniversary with his significant other to express the ups and downs experienced in any relationship but why they will always find a way to work it out for each other.

Through his ability to merge combinations of various artists and vocal styles, Faw has created a unique track and musical sound that is extremely distinct and ties charming lyrics to enthralling melodies. Because of the sincere, loving message behind “Till The End”, listeners will find themselves fulfilled with joy and drawn to becoming a part of a dreamscape of love that lasts until the end of time. The passion behind this song sets it apart from any other love song and we can not wait to see this artist continue to thrive.