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Artist Spotlight: Become Inspired with Lawn

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the burgeoning alt-pop musician Lawn now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she consistently graces fans with a unique sonic experience for every new release.

Inspired by alt-rock and pop artists including Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, and Paramore, Lawn is open to dipping her toe in various genres if it means unearthing a new sound for her fans. Always willing to evolve and adapt to her ever-changing music tastes, Lawn is sure to bring fans a healthy combination of organic instrumentations that will connect the listener with their primal adoration of music.

When it comes to her lyrics, the Nashville singer-songwriter is known for creating an anecdotal journey filled with metaphors and witty phrases that will point to a deeper message.

Lawn often draws inspiration from her past experiences that feed the emotions behind her thought-provoking lyrics and musical intensity. Aspiring to be an influential female artist chipping away at the music industry’s glass ceiling, Lawn is well on her way to becoming a confident and forceful role model to her young female fans.

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