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Artist Spotlight: Catch the Butterflies in Luverboy’s Fuzzy Music

When you hear the name “Luverboy” sometimes you may think that it will be a typical “Romeo & Juliet” type of artist or song, but to severely surprise you, Luverboy is someone who creates completely unexpected genre hybrids of music that quickly are able to get stuck in your head and keep your chin up high.

Fusing in the organic sounds of a heartfelt acoustic guitar with snazzy hip-hop and R&B beats and then thrown into the pot with an alternative rock would be the best way that we would describe this eclectic songwriter. As easily heard in his latest release “Obsessed With You”, Luverboy exemplifies everything that people are searching for in life. We aren’t too sure what Luverboy is planning to showcase to us next but all we can be certain of is that it will be full of warm feelings, honest lyricism, and a laid back vocal that your hearts will not be able to get enough of.

Listen to "Obsessed with You" here.


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