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Artist Spotlight on Los Angeles' Lexie Martin

This year has been absolutely explosive for Lexie Martin, a talented singer/songwriter residing in Los Angeles, California. After relocating from Long Island in February of 2018, Lexie Martin was quick to get into the studio and begin working on her self-titled debut EP! Released January 14, 2019, the EP is 5 tracks of original content that focus on empowerment, self-love, and plenty of pop anthems. Featured on the EP, my personal favorite, and currently on repeat in my office is “Extra”. This is an uplifting body-positive track about being true to yourself, even if you’re a little “Extra”. Lexie is currently working on a new music video to match this song! The EP as a whole is extremely relatable for young women and anyone going through the motions of life. Lexie Martin makes undeniably relatable music through her accessible themes and spectacular songwriting ability. Her vocals are powerful, meaningful, and catchy to say the least. “Disclaimer” and “Break My Heart” deliver an almost dance-hall or tropical vibe to further energize listener and prove Lexie’s versatility. Produced by Nash Overstreet (Britney Spears, Rachel Platten, Hot Chelle Rae), the EP is a huge step in the right direction for Lexie Martin. 

Following her debut EP and previously featured on BuzzMusic, Lexie dropped an equally contagious music video for her hit single and intro track “I Can” to kick off summer 2019! With thousands of views and streams combined, Lexie Martin is an absolute musical gem and the artist to watch heading into 2020 as she is currently working on a full-length album. Listen to the full EP here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Lexie! It’s always a pleasure talking to you. We’re so excited to hear you’re releasing a new music video for “Extra”! What will be the overall concept of the video? How will it match with the sentiments of the track? 

My concept for "'Extra" is based off one of the most iconic divas of Disney Channel in the 2000's. The music video will channel what it means to be over the top, living your truth and having a fabulous time! It's all about embracing who you are, as the track encourages. I don't want to give too much away, but there will be a lot of pink! 

We took a detailed listen to your self-titled EP and loved every second of it! Can you dive into the lyrical meaning within “Greatest Love”? What inspired this song? 

The lyrical meaning behind "Greatest Love" comes from a journey I had with a partner from a relationship at the time, to realizing how I valued myself. I wasn't getting the type of love I needed from the relationship and fantasized about "the perfect partner" who would treat me the way I wanted to be treated and what that love would feel like. But as the song progressed, I realized that an even more powerful love was the love I had for myself. Not in an arrogant way, but just to understand myself worth. Never settle and never feel that y9u must make yourself smaller in order for others to shine. 

“Disclaimed” really introduces a diverse soundscape. What was the production process like on this danceable track? 

For 'Disclaimer" I knew that I wanted to take a song that was rooted in a very sad moment of my life and turn it into a dance song with the chorus mainly being instrumentals. For that section of the chorus, I actually played Nah the chorus of Dua Lipa's "Want To". What a well-engineered song! That's the vibe I was going for and was inspired by.

What has it been like working with Nash Overstreet? 

Nash Overstreet is an extremely talented musical genius. He listened to everything I wanted and was really awesome about including me in on the production process. He brought all my ideas to life and then some! We'd get chipotle, turn on "The Office" or "Big Mouth" or some kind of nature channel and get to work. It was a real pleasure. He is an extremely talented instrumentalist, writer and producer and his ideas are brilliant. And to top it all off he's a down to earth, chill dude.

Thank you so much for catching up with us yet again! What can you tell us about your upcoming album? Do you have an official release date?

No official release date, but expect more self-empowerment and vulnerability. I want to create something that everyone can find accessible while being very personable and real.


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