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Artist Spotlight: Conscious Tone Displays Artistic Awareness

Colorado artist Conscious Tone is an artist to shine the spotlight on this week, as he's the type of artist that strives to lift spirits up in any way he can.

Creating energetic and flavourful atmospheres with his pop-driven Hip/Hop sound, Conscious Tone is ironically incredibly conscious about the ambiance he crafts for listeners, always ensuring that such an ambiance is really providing an effect. 

Garnering lyricism from his personal encounters with life, Conscious Tone keeps the personality of his songs flowing with grace and fluidity. Conscious Tone has always had the goal in mind to provide something genuine to any listening ears and wanting his listeners to authentically relate to him on a varying level.

There's always versatility with the likes of Conscious Tone, which has always extended from his innate ability to connect with listeners and be aware of the melodies that resonate best with himself, as well as his audience. 

Learn more about Conscious Tone here.



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