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Artist Spotlight: Craig Stuart Writes Melancholic Love Stories

Craig Stuart is a London-born singer and songwriter known for his melancholic and nostalgic perspective on Pop music. Growing up, he was the type of child who was always singing. After attending college to study Performing Arts, Craig Stuart realized that he needed to pursue his dream and become an artist. He has been traveling the globe with an intrinsic wanderlust, performing his music worldwide, and often busking as a troubadour. With his career on the rise since his debut EP 'Better Late Than Never,' Craig Stuart has been picking up speed with his new releases.

Craig Stuart has a new vision for his music in 2020 and has taken advantage of this extra time to write some more magnetic material. Musically, Craig Stuart has an appreciation for the traditional beauties of instrumentals and harmonies, which add depth to his soundscapes. He brings additional passion to his songs through his emotional lyrics. Craig Stuart has the ability to create an entire love story within one song, which captures the hearts of his listeners.

Discover more about Craig Stuart and his music here.


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