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Artist Spotlight: Danjul

As we recently heard on his latest release "Faded Destiny," Danjul is crafting music that promotes an emotional connection between the listener and the music while creating infectious beats that get the listener tapping and grooving along. Before releasing a project, Danjul must feel comfortable within the song's environment, leaving no stone unturned on his carefully constructed lyrics and instrumental composition.

Growing up in Covina, California, this is where Danjul's most cherished memories were made, and where some of his most formidable life events occurred. Writing about the place he calls home has broadened his connection to his music, his inspirational flow rises from those memories and Danjul wants his listeners to know about them.

His hard work and determination at creating music that balances exceptional vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals are a testament to his hard-working nature as an artist.

Stream "Faded Destiny" here.



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