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Artist Spotlight: Danté Most

New England Patriot turned independent R&B artist Eric Lee performs under the cognomen, Danté Most.

His latest release “MATRIX” started as a beat stored on his PC for 4 months when he revisited the original idea he found that it was overwhelming. He started to re-work the track by stripping it down to the key elements and this is when the lyrics emerged into the track. 

During the creating of this track, Danté says that he was both “exuding control” and constantly allowing himself to be “vulnerable”, saying this track “project’s confidence with a hint of innocence."

In a recent interview with BussMusic when asked about the story behind “MATRIX” he said that “We all vie for connection as humans, but how that looks for everyone is always different.” he mentions that the lines between “possess” and “protect” are blurred throughout the track.

Be on the lookout for Danté Most as he plans to release another single shortly, and will formally introduce the encompassing EP, 'ISO' to be released soon. 

To learn more about Danté Most click here.



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